Kansas City Star Cites 'Cotton-Picking' Story With Absolutely NO EVIDENCE

Another testament to local "journalism" (lulz) . . . This editorial from The Star shares a sordid story of alleged racial insensitivity WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF or even a supporting narrative. Just a vague reference that wouldn't even make a good blog post.

Kansas City doesn't have a daily newspaper any more, just a local rag reblogging Facebook beef. Read more if you dare:

Black students (and others) in Lee's Summit asked to sing 'Pick a Bale of Cotton.' What?


  1. There really is racism in the schools. Normally I would call B.S. but it's there.

  2. ^^^ Agree. But this story didn't happen. It's a meme.

  3. KC Star parent, McClatchy (MNI), traded below $2.00/share intraday on Thursday!

    2019 Year-to-date, MNI shares have lost 74-percent of their value!

    Will they attempt another reverse stock split to keep the shares trading, or will the big-block holders put them out of their misery and carve up the assets?

  4. My god man, these koloreds cant stop with their lies, no effing way they made them sing that song..... it was land of Dixie! Hahahahaha!

  5. When I was a kid I picked up hundreds of thousands of hay bales for farmers. Kind of proud of the job I did. If sometwanted me to sing a song about it, I would be happy to. I guess I don’t consider myself a victim.

  6. THIS IS A STORY ABOUT RACISM...and it has little to do with the Lee's Summit School District.

    Of course, I'm referring to the longstanding and prevalent RACISM that exists at the Kansas City Star Editorial Board. With the exception of one, and please note he is their most recent member, the Star Editorial Board is composed of only WHITE people!

    Mr. Porter was only invited to join the ALL-WHITE CLUB after it became too glaringly obvious that the editorial board was a racist white haven. They sought to deflect criticism by inviting one person of color to join their echo chamber of LIBERAL LUNACY.

    As well, please note that most, if not all, of the editorial board chooses to reside OUTSIDE of KCMO. Yes that's correct, the very people who routinely opine about the benefits of diversity, inclusion, integration, and rainbow-colored neighborhoods and schools, voluntarily choose for their own families to avoid KCMO.

    You see, these people are HYPOCRITES who seek to tell others how to live their lives, while practicing the opposite of what they preach in public. When the KC Star enters bankruptcy, defaults on their creditors, discharges their pension obligations, and denies subscription refunds, perhaps their last editorial can include a mea culpa admission of guilt, right before they solicit donations to their GoFundMe account.

    A Penny For Your Thoughts!

  7. 11:22 - sounds like you're describing dummocrats? Can this be true?

  8. 11:22 - that is damn good stuff. I would read your blog!

  9. 9:14 says "There really is racism in the schools. Normally I would call B.S. but it's there."

    Correct, anti-white racism. I'm sure that's what you mean. Correct?

  10. Prediction for me is a penny stock by 2020.
    They keep expense high by adding opinion which FURTHER ALIENATES READERS!
    The board marginalizes race by picking on Lee’s Summit.. who would buy a paper that lives there?
    Should Lee’s Summit paper takers be paper-shamed ?
    The answer for unsuccessful students is to be paired and coached by successful students and their families.
    Instead the star thinks a $10,000 course teaching and mentoring successful students is the answer.
    The Star’s demise is self-inflicted.


  11. Get the blacks out of Lee's Summit!!!!! Anywhere a black goes there is trouble. Stop ruining our neighborhoods.

  12. The diversity training is one of the biggest scams going. Ask Lincoln Prep what they are doing to acclimate to shifting demographics, and the answer is the need to protect what already is. Or ask those in LS to pony up from their own checkbooks for diversity training if it is so valuable. Should be a problem raising the almost $100K should it?

  13. I would like one of the LS school board members to ask the superintendent what he means by "equity," how does it differ from "equality," and which one is his goal. That would be illuminating, if he answers honestly and does not resort to racial cliches.

  14. Racism? Really? Get over it already and do something constructive.

    No one cares.

  15. "WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF or even a supporting narrative"

    Wow, just like Tony.


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