Thursday, May 30, 2019

Kansas City Sprint 5G: Hype?!?

The last gasp of a telcom about to meet with acquisition OR a new hope. Read more:

Sprint Launches First Broad 5G Coverage in 4 Cities

Sprint lit up its mid-band 5G network in four cities today, immediately covering 3.6 million people and 1,115 square miles-far more than Verizon and AT&T have managed to do in the months since they launched their own 5G systems. Sprint says it covers 150 square miles of Atlanta; 575 square miles of Dallas-Fort Worth; 165 square miles of Houston; and 225 square miles of Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

Great now i have cancer

Bugging our homes is Silicon Valley’s next frontier said...

Was wondering why I got a headache

Anonymous said...

I'm holding out for 10G.

Anonymous said...

I'd take one g. Can you imagine what the girls in that gardener joint would do for that?

Anonymous said...

This is certainly a "power move" by Sprint, especially since an article in the October, 2018 issue of Scientific American Magazine plainly states that "5G" technology does not yet exist, and is years from coming online!

I realize that a few marginal producers of electronic equipment have started referring to a slightly improved version of the long-existing "4G" technology in this way, but I hope that Sprint is not trying to fool its users in some similar manner.

"5G" has a specific definition, and I hope this is not just publicity.

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Thomas Edison said...

Had Sprint in 2004 the company sucked then and from what I have heard it sucks now, they can offer what ever they want but their farmed out non english speaking customer service people is why I quit that joke of a company 15 years ago, so 5G who gives a fuck, that is a marketing scam that all cell phone companies use, and here is proof - to be able to use 5 G they claim no other services phones will be compatable and you will have to buy a new 1000.00 phone to be able to use 5G, reminds me of radar detectors...ya buy one and the cops change a frequency to make your current one not work, then a new radar detector comes out for more money and it works for a minuet, and then the cops change the frequency again...this is the same marketing scheme. If your phone rings, if you can get text messages, if you can watch videos on it, instagram, facebook, snap chat you have all the waste of time capability you will ever need and dont need the 5G phone scam that will continue to waste your money! but go ahead and get it if thats what you desire.