Thursday, May 23, 2019

Kansas City Small Biz Sinking In Floods

Latest sign that Kansas City is not, in fact, biz friendly and infrastructure neglect thanks to local government neglect continues to take its toll on local merchants. Checkit:

Rain hurts small businesses in Kansas City

The deluge of rain this spring is taking a toll on small businesses in Kansas City. KMBC 9 spoke to a Brookside boutique owner about how the weather is slashing sales.Lady Bye boutique has an outfit for every occasion.


Anonymous said...

Doesn’t rain hurt all businesses? Stupid article.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was out the other day when it was bad and people were everywhere in Blue Springs and Independence. I think it's just Kansas City that is hurt by how trashy and unsafe our city is.

Anonymous said...

What rain? What potholes? The heaven sent GO Bonds sent from the almighty Sylvester Christ saved the city from all disaster.

Anonymous said...

The KC economy and stupid voters of KC hurts KC small business.