Saturday, May 18, 2019

Kansas City Saturday Stretch Out

As always the panty game is on the top of our agenda.

Yahoo: The Biggest Lingerie Trends to Try This Summer

FoxNews: Plus-size brand slammed for using thin models to sell lingerie: 'Pathetic and embarrassing'

Daily Mail: Gwyneth Paltrow sells a VERY racy silk lingerie set on lifestyle site Goop - and the barely-there bra will set you back £245

Closer to home, these local news links are worth sharing this morning . . .

Kansas City Cash Guide

Analysis: How far $100K salary goes in 50 major cities - Kansas City Business Journal

How far a $100,000 annual salary goes in the Kansas City area mirrors where the metro sits geographically: squarely in the middle. That's the takeaway of an analysis from GoBankingRates, which crunched numbers on how far that six-figure salary goes in 50 U.S. cities when accounting for essentials such as rent, groceries and health care.

Missouri Roundup

Missouri Lawmakers Close Out Session By Passing Eight-Week Abortion Ban

Missouri lawmakers sent legislation banning abortion after eight weeks to Gov. Mike Parson, the culmination of an emotional and contentious week that ended with many of the GOP governor's priorities accomplished.

Kansas Conservatives Continually Slam Media Amid Progressive Gains

Kelly vetoes tax bill, reporters act like her deputies - The Sentinel

Instead of asking hard questions about obviously misleading statements in Gov. Laura Kelly's veto of HB 2033, reporters across Kansas acted as though they were her deputies pushing a message. House bill 2033 was a second attempt by legislators to reverse an unintended state income tax resulting from federal tax reform.

Northeast Is A Dump???

Heap of trash at one Old Northeast intersection leaves KC inspector dumbfounded

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A longtime illegal dumping investigator says he's never seen anything like it in Kansas City. On Friday, FOX4's Robert Townsend showed Alan Ashurst two massive, commercial tires filled with sand, dozens of dirty food boxes, crumpled soda cans, lots of limbs and much more near a busy intersection at Independence and Ewing on the city's Old Northeast side.

KCK Talks It Out

This Kansas City, Kansas, Educator Is Trying To Make Up For Her Mother's 'Code Of Silence'

As she was dying, Sonya Willis's mother gave her daughter a warning. "She watched me sit back and put my head in my hand and she said, 'Don't you cry.' ... It's like, 'Don't you cry.

Tech Space On Nice Side Of The Bridge

iWerx Gladstone opens, expanding Northland coworking community (Photos)

Northland startups and business owners need more collaborative workplaces to call their own, Bob Martin said less than a year ago. This week, iWerx Gladstone turns that vision into reality. "More than just a place to work, iWerx Gladstone is a business development center committed to making connections and stimulating personal and professional growth," said iWerx partner Martin, describing the new space on iWerx's website.

Kansas City Rainy Warning

Strong storms possible Saturday in Kansas City

Rain and scattered storms are likely early Saturday morning.We'll see another chance for storms that could be stronger in the afternoon and evening. The timeline for severe weather will be between 1 p.m.

Lil Nas X - Old Town Road is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with our innovative ways.

Anonymous said...

100K is what I make. Still broke and in debt.

Anonymous said...

Where's "Fap-boi's" comment on what he would do to Larissa if Mommy would let him leave her basement?

Anonymous said...

As a trump voter living in Kansas I can’t stand the Kansas Republican Party. They cry over the thought of a thriving hemp industry, and they punish families who buy produce in the state with one of the nations highest food taxes. Far from conservative and a succubus to the open border Koch family. It’s so backwards that there are democrats in Kansas that are more republican than Republicans.

Anonymous said...

There are a LOT of Republicans who don't support Trump's efforts to overthrow the US Constitution!

You falsely assume that the "anti-Hillary" vote was something more than trying (and apparently failing) to pick the lesser of two evils.

Be prepared for a shock at the GOP Convention.

Anonymous said...

10:00’s candidate Hillary supported the war in Iraq. Career politician and democrat darling joe Biden supported the war in Iraq. Go Democrats!

Anonymous said...

Only morons and sheep think one party is better than another. Moron.

Anonymous said...

Said the moron.

Anonymous said...

Pssh. The only constitutional crisis outside your delusional mind is the one where Obama engaged in fraudulent, Nixonian overreach to subvert an election.

Anonymous said...


Q: Why did the concierge send 2 men to Larissa's room?

A: She said that she loved Paraguay!!!

Anonymous said...

"...and they punish families who buy produce in the state with one of the nations highest food taxes." You're a bit slow on the uptake. The Republican legislature passed a bill to begin to lower sales taxes on food. Democratic Governor Kelly vetoed it.