Saturday, May 11, 2019

Kansas City Royals First To Worst Journey Inspires Philosophical Quandary

This isn't a rebuilding year, it's a public embarrassment.

Tonight's insult and injury:

Phillies top Kansas City Royals 7-0 Saturday night

Read more about the contemplation that all of this inspires in fanboys:

Are the Royals bad, human, or both?

In the spring of 2001, my Iowa State basketball team became the fourth #2 seed ever to lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament. This result came as quite the surprise to our fans and the national media. I was a little different.


Anonymous said...

I keep saying on this blog it’s the royals ownership. As soon as they get a star player he is traded off. I get’s a business, but the glass family ownership is the worst thing for Kansas City baseball. KC is a farm team for other are those fluke World Series prices working out for everyone? KC has this massive parade for winning the World Series while the fans had no idea the team was being chopped up to the highest bidder. Suckers. Now go buy you expensive hot dog that was made in an area of rat feces you dumb asses.

Anonymous said...

The owners of the royals self sabotage the franchise because they are cheap as fuck!! Ya get what ya pay for and if star players get a better offerthey are going to bail! ( post 2015) Most companies experience this too, ya have a star employee who benifits the company, and then another company sees the worth of the talent of that employee and offers what that talent is worth, its not rocket science, its business. Unfortunatley in the baseball business when the team doesnt win much, the fans dont want to spend much to support bad business, its kinda like the market, if your investment isnt winning, you find a investment that is!