Monday, May 13, 2019

Kansas City Rehab Journey Revealed

Actually, a really nice story about local recovery and hope for second chances. Checkit:

Stories of addiction: The struggle, despair and hope

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I recently sat down with three recovering addicts who opened up about what a life of drugs is really like. To be honest, I wasn't expecting such raw emotion and such unbridled honesty.


Anonymous said...

31 days "clean" from meth?
No. You are not clean yet. You are just not using right now.
I hope that the interviewer locked her purse up.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ LOL.

Sad but true. But I still hope the guy stays off the junk.

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to donuts, video games, and breathing air. I admit I have a problem.

Anonymous said...

I would like to try and screw away the pain of living with the disease of drug addiction with that gal in purple.