Thursday, May 09, 2019

Kansas City Policy Ruckus Tonight!!!

For our late night local bloggy denizens we offer a deep dive into civic issues with greater detail than the TV news.

The latest episode of our GOLD STANDARD KANSAS CITY POLITICAL CHAT SHOW offers informed conversation, lots of data and even a couple of decent zingers for those listening closely.

Some ultra-sensitive progressive types might complain that there are no people of color on this evening's broadcast BUT there are 3 & 1/2 panelists with "fighting" Irish heritage. So we'll call it a draw.

Check the description . . .

"Mike Shanin talks to Melissa Robinson about her bid to become the city councilwoman for Kansas City's 3rd District. Pat McInerney, Crosby Kemper III, Mary O'Halloran and Patrick Tuohey discuss how the new KCMO mayor and council will address the city's underfunded pension programs, the pursuit of federal funding for streetcar expansion and the viability of Medicare for All."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Pension issue is the most important problem facing Kansas City right now. If the don't solve it. We're headed toward bankruptcy in less than 10 years.

Pk said...

Mary O'Halloran pushing Jolie Justus pretty strong. If the gets the white old lady vote. She wins.

Reality Speaker said...

Pat McInerney might be crazy liberal rep Swalwell's twin brother. Didn't take long for him to talk about Atty Gen Barr. Wants Trolley expansion as does Mary. Fucking libs. They are masters at spending other peoples money. Kemper is the guy concerned about democrap spending sprees. Wish he would run for mayor instead of Tweedle-dee & Tweedle-dum. Quinton has my (white) vote because seems less in TIF mode and developers' pockets.

However, it's a reluctant choice. Dem run shitties are universally shitholes.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^All cities are shit holes, dumb ass.

It's called civilization.

Anonymous said...

Of course Mary/Maury would support another dyke dick hatin' pussy eater.

Anonymous said...

Mary O'Halloran is such a cheerleader for KCMO's dysfunctional ways, yet she personally chooses to reside in PRAIRIE VILLAGE KANSAS!

That says everything folks!

Anonymous said...


Each panelist is allowed 30 sec. for a roast or toast.

Democrat Mary took 47 seconds
Libertarian Patrick Tuohey took 32 seconds
Republican RCK3 took 26 seconds
Democrat Patrick McInerney took 17 seconds

Let's tally the team scores:
Democrats were allotted 60 seconds but took 64 seconds. This is representative of most Liberals in that they'll talk your arm off about ensuring that everyone gets an equal piece of the pie, but somehow they manage to take extra for themselves.

Libertarian/Republicans were allotted 60 seconds but took only 58 seconds. This is the principle of Conservatism, in which you live within your budget and don't run deficits.

Inconvenient Truths said...

A person that works in KCMO finance department told a buddy the toy train is bankrupting the city.

Anonymous said...

Street Car is dead stop talking about it.

Anonymous said...

So Byron you're saying you live in a shit hole like we all thought a long time ago?