Sunday, May 26, 2019

Kansas City Now Ashamed Of Royals?!?!

24 months ago EVERYBODY was a Royals fan and now true believers are nowhere to be found. This threat filled with complaints, embarrassment and disgust is one of the BEST EXAMPLES OF REAL TALK regarding the home team that has been politely ignored by KC Media. Checkit:

Sunday Thread: Yankees at 2nd Worst Team in AL

The 2018 Royals were horrible, and the 2019 Royals have the exact same record at this point in the year. This team should be winning more games. This is the 12th straight series that they haven't won, but they'll try to hold off a sweep at 1:15 pm.

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Anonymous said...

Multi-million dollar downtown ballpark will fix everything.

Get Jolie on the job after the election.

Developers need more pork.

Royal forever?