Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Kansas City Morning News Look

First, a reminder that social media status isn't just about goofy photos poseur politics, it's about getting paid for it:

Maxim: Court Docs Reveal Kim Kardashian Makes $1 Million Per Sponsored Instagram Post

ABL: Kim Kardashian Laments The Amount Of Reading Required For Law School

INQ: Kim Kardashian Shows Off Amazing Body In A Tight White Bodysuit On KKW Beauty’s Instagram Page

Closer to home, these news links start our morning . . .

Community Outreach Push Back

Sparks fly during meeting over "nuisance" property

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A neighborhood meeting at KCPD Metro Patrol descended into chaos Tuesday night, all over a property neighbors have been battling about for nearly a decade. The house, located on East 80th Street, became such a source of frustration that the Marlborough East Neighborhood Association reached out to 41 Action News for help.

Rock Chalk Traffic Tragedy

KU student killed in Lenexa K-10 wreck returned from semester in Spain one week ago

Westbound K-10 was closed at Ridgeview Road following a fatal accident on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. Dylan Garnett had only been back for a week from a semester abroad in Spain when he was killed in a wreck on Kansas 10 highway.

Kansas City Crooks Love This Truck

Group tracking metro auto thefts says F-250 pickup trucks popular among thieves

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Dave Brucker created the Facebook group Stolen KC when he had his Ford F-250 stolen. Now he says the site seems to be seeing a rash of thieves targeting the specific "Super-Duty" truck series in the metro. "There must be a new generation or new group that's learned how to steal these trucks," Brucker said.

Buggy Rain Postscript

Recent rain leaving homeowners tackling mold, bugs

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - Recent rain caused historic flooding throughout the Kansas City metro area. Many people are still dealing with its aftermath with things like mold and bugs. "Bugs want a place to live," Cat Heisler, General Manager, Pete's Pest Control, said. "They want to food to eat and they need water."

Urban Planning Golden Ghetto

Shawnee looking for input to 're-imagine 75th Street' between Switzer and Quivira

SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Shawnee wants to make some big changes along 75th Street, but it wants the public's input before anything happens. On Tuesday, the city held an open house for the revitalization project it's calling "Re-imagine 75th Street." The Mid-America Regional Council gave the city a grant to study the 1-mile stretch between and Switzer and Quivira Road.

Low Rent Vacay Advice

Kansas City magazine calls Wichita 'the perfect weekend getaway,' maps stop-by-stop visit

(FILE VIDEO) Wichitan Tyler Engle and a friend shot some footage with a drone in April 2016 and made a quick video for his Facebook page. You'd think Martin Cizmar was a Wichitan, so perfectly has he mapped out a dreamy weekend in the ICT for the Kansas City magazine he edits.

Summer Sneak Peek Today

Temps in the 80s for Wednesday

A random pop-up thunderstorm is possible Tuesday evening. The low will only drop to 59 degrees. Wednesday will be mostly sunny, with a high near 82 degrees.

Avicii - Tough Love ft. Agnes, Vargas & Lagola is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

F-250 pickup trucks popular among thieves. Sure all the illegal mexicans need them to do their work with them and they can't just legally buy one.

Shawnee wants the public's input before they screw the property owners over with some worthless street project. This way when it all goes bad they will somehow blame the public.

Anonymous said...

I see Tony got his favorite slut/tramp Kartrashian posted.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed - from the eyebrows up, KimK hardly looks like a bloated Crack Whore at all.

Anonymous said...

oh is that what MARC does, gives grants?