Thursday, May 16, 2019

Kansas City Money Game Ruckus

From GOLD STANDARD of Kansas City political discourse, here are pundits and power players talking about the silly season and the cash pouring into contests from this cowtown the nation's capital.

Check the description:

"Mike Shanin talks to Joseph "Joey Cuts" Thomas about his bid to become the city councilman for Kansas City's 3rd District. Laura McConwell, Jason Grill, Lisa Johnston and Patrick Tuohey discuss who is contributing to Kansas City mayoral candidates and the impact of political fundraising, takeaways from the Kansas legislative session and the crowded field of Democrats in 2020 presidential race."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Joey cuts will win.

Jack Jeebs said...

^^^ Great.

But the world doesn't end at state line. I noticed none of these so called "power players" had much to say about the impending war in Iran that's about to start. It seems like if they were so "powerful" they might actually have an opinion about the greater world.

Maybe it's best for them to continue swimming in their small pond.

While these people are talking about tax breaks and some of the more mundane national issues. We're on the cusp of another conflict that has the potential to end disastrously.

Anonymous said...

The grill master knows all and sees all. He can't be bothered with policy, his expertise is awesome.

Anonymous said...

....where people from Kansas discuss problems in KCMO!

Laura McConwell, Jason Grill, Lisa Johnston, and host Mike Shanin all live in KANSAS.

Willy Workaday said...

Yeah, Jack, the planet is gone in twelve years, or maybe sooner, anyway. So, like,enjoy the luxury of, um, like, your garbage disposal while you can. With killings aplenty right in the Killa Shitty type holes of this nation, many in the US ain't considering kumbaya as a permanent state for that part of the global hoods, especially. Unless, some magic suddenly happens to reverse the natural world, CONFLICT between beings going back to cave homies clubbing each other and up to current murder momentum---humans, animals, and nature won't always abide when asked, "Can't we all just get along?"