Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Kansas City Midweek News Kick-Up

Quick peek at celebrity guide to modern day life . . .

Saw1st: Anne Hathaway in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

Peeps: Going Back to Meat After Eating Vegan Made Anne Hathaway Feel ‘Like a Computer Rebooting’

MSN: Anne Hathaway plans to keep son away from social media

Closer to home, here's a glimpse at issues impacting the lives of local plebs . . .

Second Helping For Upscale Restaurant

Plate gets new life in Brookside after 2017 fire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Plate is days away from returning to East Brookside. Fire closed the restaurant in its original location at 62 nd & Oak in April 2017. The new restaurant, a few blocks west on 63 rd Street, is a much larger space on the first floor of a former chiropractic college building.

Kansas City Snack Cake Winning!!!

Hostess will move distribution facility to Kansas City area - Kansas City Business Journal

Hostess Brands LLC plans to open a distribution center at Logistics Park Kansas City in Edgerton. The Kansas City-based snack cake company (Nasdaq: TWNK) will move its prime distribution operation from Illinois to a new building next year.

Meth Town Struggles To Stay Afloat

Rain still plagues businesses after Independence promises help

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Thelma Jordan, who owns Fairmount Liquors on U.S. 24 and Northern Boulevard in Independence, 41 Action News has talked to her at least six times about flooding. "Four years later, eight floods, and it's crazy," Jordan said. She puts up a clever, if not sarcastic, sign every time there's heavy rain.

Golden Ghetto Domestic Resources

Johnson County DA helping to open resource center for victims of domestic violence

OLATHE, Kan. -- Domestic violence is in on the rise in Johnson County, and it's depleting the county's only domestic violence shelter's resources. Now, the Johnson County District Attorney's Office is helping with a plan to make it easier for victims to get help.

Happy Rock Needs Trim

City of Gladstone getting direct with residents about overgrown grass

GLADSTONE, MO (KCTV) - Is the city of Gladstone shaming homeowners into keeping their yards presentable by leaving notices in their yard? Previously, the city only mailed you a letter if your property is a nuisance, but this year, it's trying something new and planting reminders in yards that need to be addressed.

Kansas City Life Lesson: Tech Game Powered By Game Show Style Cash Prizes

UMKC awards $75K in prizes at Regnier Venture Creation Challenge

Student startups are growing rapidly on the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus, said Bryan Boots. Such acceleration has been further propelled thanks to the recent distribution of $75,000 in prize money, awarded to a series of winners of the Regnier Venture Creation Challenge Competition May 2-3, split across events at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and UMKC.

Kansas City Soggy Weather Promise

After tonight, no more heavy rain for at least a week

(KCTV) - Spring rains can be heavy. Consider that May and June are the rainiest months of the year in Kansas City! It's not often we get a whole months' worth of rain in just over a week, but that just happened.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Sly's Shit Hole of the Great Plains

Anonymous said...

Tony your getting too soft. Where's that ol' fighting spirit you used to have?

Greedo said...

^^^^^ He just posted a photo of a celebrity nearly neekkid ass along with more info than most TV station newscasts have in one day. The softness is all in your head @7:40 or your hands.

Anonymous said...

True the Tracy Ward era was more exciting. And of course when Tony used to go after Sly with that take no prisoners approach.

The good ol' days.

Greedo said...

Tracy Ward. Stop living in the past. She doesn't even live in KC any more. As for the mayor. We just talked about how he was a worthless puppet last night. What other news source does that? Name ANY one in KC so I can put them on my read list.

Anonymous said...

Sort of agree. Sly was pretty useless and he's irrelevant right now. The new mayor should be fun to oppose no matter who it is.

Anonymous said...


After I reminded Anne that only the Devil Wears Prada, she stripped and put me in heaven!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Yaaaaaaaas!

Anonymous said...

I’d screw that Anne Hathaway real deep and hard.

Anonymous said...

Anne Hathaway can do me anyway any day.

Anonymous said...

Hostess Brands LLC plans to open a distribution center

Fantastic new workers to fill all the vacant luxury apartments.

Did Sly do an Amazon style pitch blitz to win this one?

Anonymous said...

“We don’t want any weeds and we don’t want any trees that overgrow,” Van, who lives in Gladstone, said.

Hey Van...

……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…\………. _.·´

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^ Now THAT is quality discourse!

Anonymous said...

Ann Hathaway for Kansas City Mayor!
Since the city won't allow write-ins, I guess we can't, but she wouldn't be any less disinterested in KC than either of the two Sly James Clones are going to be.