Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Kansas City McLain's Bakery Comeback

A wayback and then up-to-date glimpse at a local institution that's keeping current and continuing their Kansas City carb-y tradition. Checkit:

McLain's Bakery-A Waldo Classic, Updated for Today's Tastes

One of the features of the Brookside/Waldo area neighbors appreciate so much are the locally owned, 'mom and pop' shops and eateries. McLain's Bakery is that type of place: it's been serving up delicious baked treats since 1945! And although the Hirlemans are just the third owners, Mollie Lothman and her brother Jeff Hirleman remember...

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Anonymous said...

This is a weird article because nearly everyone around there knows McClain's and it's been around a while. They've actually branched out to OP too. that seems more notable