Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Kansas City Mayoral Candidates Debate EPIC Tax Breaks BOTH Voted To Support

Kansas City voters now confront the age-old EPIC struggle to distinguish betwixt a Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich.

Take a look:

Tax incentives for development debated Monday evening


Anonymous said...

4-0 Lucas

Odds unchanged.

Vegas favors the bold.
Vegas favors Lucas.

Amagi said...

Not much of a debate since both sides favor the topic. This is the best KCMO has to offer.

Anonymous said...

At this point it's hard to tell just what this "campaign's" strategy is:
Is it that both candidates suffer from amnesia and can't recall how little they did to address the issues that they now claim are so important?
Is it that both candidates are desperately hoping that what few voters show up at the polls suffer from severe amnesia to the point of total brain failure?
KCMO residents are losers either way.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of douche bags. This made me laugh and cry. That idiot says “If you take it away, you’re never going to see the investment on the east side,”. Does that fucking dumbass realize we "invested" $100M on the east side just at 18th and Vine? How much is it going to take?

When are these fucking assholes going to learn that if you want better investment you need better workers and a lower tax base. Cut the taxes. Attract companies that will build more on the east side and in KC. Let them hire local workers. Let them have some time instead of riding the bus across town. Let them spend that time with their kids so they get better grades. Let that pride cut the murder rate.

When are these liberal fucks going to learn that taxes kill people and communities.

And for that mental health douche - fuck...we have Obamacare and a tax in case Obama care was unconstitutional. Take that money. Let me keep my money. I pay MO tax, KC e Tax, and today I paid eleven fucking percent sales tax on a cup of coffee.

Its enough. Fuck all you and let me keep my money. I will spend it better than you will. I will spend it better than politicians will. I will spend it better than anyone on the east side has (remember that east side douche that chartered a private plane for a party that I had to pay for through taxes?)

Fuck all you guys.

Anonymous said...


@8:00 Yep You got it! except for the part about when are liberals going to learn. They never learn!

Anonymous said...

@8:00 AM, that's one of those "nail on the head" posts. The problem is that we've allowed corporations to set a "new normal" where they can get millions of dollars of tax payer dollars to help fund their private projects. City officials and attorneys like the chick in the video would lead you to believe that we are "investing"...."Investing" implies I'm getting some kind of direct return on said investment. What do I get out of $135 million dollars of tax incentives going to the Loews Hotel? A hotel I'll likely never set foot in and if I do will not get any kind of discount in return for my "investment".

It's corporate welfare and it's destructive to the community. And I find it laughable how either candidate (especially Jolie Justus) is now speaking out against tax incentives when NEITHER of them really do any thing important to curb the problem till now when they are trying to garner votes. Ironic isn't it?

This city is doomed.


Anonymous said...

These two idiots couldn't debate which one is the bigger idiot.

Anonymous said...

I don't want either to win, but at least Jolie would be less likely to give money to 18th and vine

Anonymous said...

At least Lucas would be less likely to give money to downtown/crossroads developers.

Anonymous said...

Lucas will rename KC to Dr. Martin Luther King City, MO

Anonymous said...

This is what wins it for Lucas. It connects more with the actual voters. The danger is that campaign money from businesses comes in big for Jolie, and she can then use it to win votes. But the money hasn't come in in a major way, and she hasn't shown the ability to use her funds other than to try to dig up dirt on her opponents.


Anonymous said...

6:22 people don't waste their time voting anymore, its a waste of time! Once a local douchbag is elected they never hold up to their campaign promises, just elected by propaganda, which is why I am a TRUMP supporter, he sucks sometimes but at least he is honest and doesnt care what the haters think. He sells bullshit to, but he has gotten more things done that most politicians couldnt and he doesnt care what anyone thinks. Trump 2020, he is annoying in every way but he gets shit done!