Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Kansas City Mayor Sly For Jolie Justus: Don't Get Swayed By The Smooth And The Slick

More on this for the morning but for now check this report wherein the lame duck leader uses demeaning language to refer to his political opposition from the urban core. Checkit:

Mayor Sly James calls for Jolie Justus to win mayoral race

Last week, at a dinner in his honor Kansas City Mayor Sly James called for Jolie Justus to win the mayor's race.


Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for the mayor's cool now have to go out and get a real job. The lame-ass bear who helped push this City more into debt is the previous mayor did. Sorry part about it is this mare can't show one accomplishment as the eight years as mayo only the show that he's a real loser just like the son I guess it doesn't far fall far from the tree. I wish him well and loser land.

Anonymous said...

Why does he think he matters? Maybe it’s reverse psychology to get people to hate Jolie and vote for that scum lucas

Dg said...

Just goes to show that when Sly doesn't have a multi million dollar marketing campaign behind him. He's really not that "popular" with KC voters.

Anonymous said...

He wears a bow tie every day and the dummies keep voting for him after he screws them over. Seriously, kcmo voters are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Although I will not vote for either candidate, his endorsement pushes me further away from Justus.

Anonymous said...

"Slick and smooth".
That pretty well summarizes the entire list of accomplishments of the eight-year James fiasco.
And paying off the bonded indebtedness will go on for decades.
Sly desperately wants Justus to succeed him because she's been in the middle of most of the under-the-table crap, knows where the bodies are buried, and will do everything she can to cover it up.
Nothing more.
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

Oh he does, does he? Well then hey, let's just cancel the election and make it so.

Anonymous said...

S'lie sure has his nerve calling someone else "slick" when he does the majority of his work under the cloak of darkness behind closed doors. But it takes slick to know slick I suppose. If you enjoy the tax, borrow and spend culture that S'lie has fostered the past 8 years and like seeing continuous tax increases and nothing to show for it that is of use to the majority of voters, vote for Jolie because she's sure as hell going to "keep it going" by continuing the same bullshit S'lie has dropped on us.

Quinton Lucas may not be much better but at this point, he may be the lesser of two evils.

This city is doomed


Anonymous said...

He had a successful career pre-politics practicing law. He can do that again. Try to tee up a judicial bid would be my guess.

A terrible mayor for the people of this city no doubt but I don't see the point of hating him or making it personal...


Anonymous said...

Sly's Killer Fucking City!

Keep the Momentum!

Anonymous said...

Never fear the Corporate's and Developers will keep Midtown Unique and Charming by destroying everything in sight they can possibly get their hands on and building big boxes in it's place.

What a Deal!

Anonymous said...

You know what place is smooth and slick?
Vegas baby!

Vegas Favors Smooth and Slick over Frumpy Retread.


Anonymous said...

10:34 for the win. Sly has little sway anymore, with the high volume pr machine turned off what we heard was sloppy management and messed up priorities. Add in lots of posing.