Thursday, May 02, 2019

Kansas City Link Pool: Flood Of News Now

Apropos for overnight rains and more on the way . . . This old school image offers an overview of The Great Flood of 1951 we dive into some of the more important news links from around the metro today for this #TBT. Checkit:

Where's Waldo Flood Control???

Wet weather leaves Waldo neighborhood with basements of sewage

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The latest round of storms and showers has left a neighborhood of houses in Waldo with basements full of sewage, as the city tries to intervene. Doppler radar estimated rainfall totals starting from Sunday show some areas received over 4 inches of rain!

Golden Ghetto Great Debate

Will Shawnee get a community center with pools, gyms, more? Ballots go out this week

Voters will decide whether to approve a property tax increase to fund the construction of the proposed Shawnee Community Center this May. Drive by the yard signs and flyers in Shawnee neighborhoods or read online community forums and you'll find a city divided this spring. The issue?

Show-Me Flooding Redux

Rain brings concerns in areas hit by Missouri River flooding

WINTHROP, Mo. - Heavy rain and storms this week are adding to concerns for areas already hit hard by historic flooding along the Missouri River in March. Winthrop, Missouri, received another three inches of rain during the last few days, turning some cornfields in the area into shallow lakes.

Morning Highway Tragedy Aftermath

Woman dead after crash on US 69 Highway in Overland Park

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A woman is dead following a crash in Overland Park, Kansas. Officers were called to northbound US 69 Highway, south of 95th Street, just before 12:30 a.m. on reports of a crash involving a pedestrian. Police said a vehicle in the northbound lanes lost control and struck the median.

Sweltering KC Summer Awaits

Farmers' Almanac predicts hot and wet summer for KC

Kansas City could be in for a hot and soggy summer, assuming a 200-year-old publication is correct. Die-hards swear by the Farmers' Almanac, but most meteorologists say its accuracy is iffy, at best. "Summer's going to start off with a boom, thunderstorms and a lot of rain," said Sandi Duncan, Farmers Almanac managing editor.

Old School Mall Remembered
The Curious Case of The Animals at The Landing Mall
Sleaze Scummit Teaching Moment

Lee's Summit church holds town hall on diversity, schools

How to equal the educational gap was the topic of a town hall meeting Wednesday in Lee's Summit.

Golden Ghetto Costs Rising

Personal property assessments explained just in time for Johnson County appraisals

JOHNSON COUNTY, KS (KCTV) -- About 18,000 people in Johnson County will be getting a letter in the mail Thursday assessing their personal property and how much tax will be owed. County residents received real estate property appraisals earlier this year, but the most recent appraisals are for taxable property people own.

Kansas City Homecoming

Report: Derrick Johnson to sign one-day contract to retire a Chief

Don't adjust your computer screen, cell phone or whatever it is you use to access Arrowhead Pride. For the second day in a row, it looks like a former Kansas City Chiefs great has agreed to sign a one-day contract to retire with the club.

Soggy Thursday Forecast For Now

Rain to move out early Thursday, more expected overnight

Saturday and Sunday look to be dry

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Who'll Stop The Rain is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


Anonymous said...

Look what's happened to The Landing now.

Anonymous said...

Yep I used to play on those animals when I was a kid. The Landing was a nice place to shop aside from the Plaza and Blue Ridge. Then in the 70's they couldn't get anyone to work at the Landing because of how rough it was, they even tried paying more money but still no one would go there.

Anonymous said...

That Landing story makes me sad at how fall we've fallen and betrayed everyone who built this country

stop light said...

Sad to see the KCMO powers to be either ignore or disregard the EPA mandate to fix the KCMO sewer systems. The local businesses, workers, taxpayers, citizens, homeless, 25 million anally tourists, motorists, basement dwellers,and a host of others are now paying the price for KCMO's refusal to abide by a mandate on failed infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

The Landing's animals probably went to the same place the Kansas City Museum's artifacts went - a few of the smaller, nicer pieces wound up in Board Member's (Kansas) homes, while the bulk were quietly peddled off to anyone who would make an offer, Any "leftovers" were destroyed and dumped.

Anonymous said...

Yes the Landing back in it's day was a nice and great place to go then the you know who's moved in and it went down hill faster than a kid on a disc sled on fresh snow.

Anonymous said...

The animals are up Slie's ass and to the left.