Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Kansas City Late Night Foodie Carryout Debuts Inside The Downtown Loop

For late night denizens and foodies/fatties at the core of this town's development boom. Here's a glimpse at upscale offerings in order to stuff the faces and clog the arteries of the creative class. Checkit:

Fresh Bites Carryout Service Launches Inside Kansas City Marriott Downtown

For two years, the Kansas City Marriott Downtown has been quietly testing a new 24/7 carryout food service called Fresh Bites. Now, the hotel has officially rolled out the new food service, which is available to both hotel guests and anyone who lives or works near the hotel with access to a computer or the new Fresh Bites app, powered by ChowNow.


Anonymous said...

slie I’ll put an end to food deliveries because it takes away from riding toy train. Just wait, you’ll see.

Anonymous said...

^^nah, you wait. I have a life. You don't.

Anonymous said...

If the picture with this story is any indication, you can pay BIG BUCKS for a cold-cut sandwich and french fries. Uhhhh...OK.

Anonymous said...


Oscar Meyer deli-sliced Turkey, Ham and American Cheese on "artisan" bread with tired, wilted lettuce and mayo, plus microwaved fries!

Haut Cuisine indeed!

Or if that doesn't trigger your taste buds, they offer a "Ruben" for only $14, plus $5 for (used to be free) Room Service, and (you'd damn well better) tip!