Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Kansas City Irish Fest Stays Winning Music

After an EPIC skirmish among the musical denizens of Irish Fest . . . A winner has been declared, check our 2nd favorite annual festival blog for a glimpse at the competition:

We Have A Winner

The 1st annual Battle of The Bands last Friday night was a smashing success. If you weren't there, you have my sympathies. It was a great night. Four great acts competed. Our winner, The Irish Aires from St. Louis will play Irish Fest this year and if I were you I'd make plans to be there for the debut.


Anonymous said...

Irish music and rap are repetitive nerve racking noise.

Anonymous said...

^^and you eat shit.

Anonymous said...

6:55, if all you listen to is fiddle dancing music, then yeah, you're right.