Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Kansas City Hip-Hop Mogul In The Making

There's a bit of hype in this article because the social media stats don't add up to the headline boast but that's okay because THE YOUNG KC INTERNETS DUDE IS STILL DOING BETTER THAN MOST MUSIC OUTLETS IN KANSAS CITY including the highly subsidized public tv local collection of garbage.

Here's a bit of backstory and the beginning on an Internets music empire or at least a very successful International online publication. Take a look:

KC's MixTape Monkey curates 11 million users through hip hop streaming

Taking a long sigh, an underground mixtape mogul logs off from a live Q&A session with customers. Inside his two-bedroom downtown Kansas City apartment, Mark Serrano stares out a window overlooking the corner of 12th and Walnut streets. "Online I have this huge community, itʼs overwhelming," said Serrano, referencing his staggering global user base of more than 11 million.


Anonymous said...

I can’t tell if he is a negro or part negro. Maybe he wants to be a negro when he grows up. If he is going to have success in the shithole hip hop world he has to be a negro.

Anonymous said...

^^Says the geriatric fucktard on a blog all alone at 10:09AM. Advantage him!

Jamsian said...

+1 on 1:12.

@10:09 never did anything with their life. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Stop commenting on your own posts, it's weird.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Ditto.