Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Kansas City Greyhound Bus Station Called Police For Help 841 Times Last Year

The low-rent transit location topped the list of calls to police and it's a big part of the reason locals want more officers on the street. Take a look:

How KCPD calls for service can impact your call for help

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Deciding how to deploy hundreds of officers across the city is no easy task. For the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, data is one important piece of the puzzle when it comes to staffing. "We allocate our patrol personnel so that we can respond in a timely manner everywhere across the city," KCPD spokesman Sgt.


Anonymous said...

No wonder everyone gets put on hold when they call 911. But hey, if Sly and his family are alright that's all that matters. Right Sly??????

Oh BTW Sly don't sit on the furniture at Costco for your own personal use that's gross. You have a fat ass and it probably isn't very clean!

liberallemming said...

As long as Slie did not have to dive into someone's bush then no harm done.

Anonymous said...

May as well just have a police officer parked there all the time. They have to be somewhere why not at a spot where a lot of action. And it's a highly accessible spot anyway if the officer gets a call to respond elsewhere...
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