Thursday, May 23, 2019

Kansas City Flush Creek Retrospective

Really nice read regarding this town's favorite open sewer flowing through Kansas City's premier luxury entertainment district. Read more:

Brush Creek synonymous with Plaza living

This Kodachrome postcard published in the late 1950s shows the numerous apartment buildings built on the south side of Brush Creek near the Country Club Plaza. The bridge shown in the card was deemed obsolete following the tragic flood of 1977, which killed 25 people and caused over $100 million in damages to businesses along the banks of the normally placid creek.


Anonymous said...

Don't know where Michael Bushnell gets his "facts", but he implies that Brush Creek now has flood control (false), and that the "modernization" it has undergone was anything more that the current Mayor (Cleaver) taking over a modest but adequate $3.5 million Corps of Engineers plan to widen the existing channel in order to provide adequate flood control.

Mayor Cleaver turned that $3.5 Million plan into a $125 million graft-infused extravaganza that turned a self-flushing channel into two stagnant cesspools in the middle of the Plaza, destroying the scenic trees and landscaping along Brush Creek and simply moving the flooding to the Inner City further east, as proven by the number of drowning deaths since the "improvement".

It is worth noting that the Mayor, a man of modest means prior to this, suddenly evidenced a much more lavish lifestyle and a full campaign chest for use in seeking higher office.

Anonymous said...

The 1977 flood was the direct result of inadequate water management in Johnson County,Kansas.

A much better solution would have been the construction of a70-foot high dam fifty feet east of the State Line, creating the "Mission Hills Reservoir".

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That picture was back when the Plaza and the rest of KC was so beautiful, only bad thing was pendergast had buried a sewer line running into Brush Creek for spite.

Right about Clever ruining 47th st leading into the plaza. KC has lost it's charm.

Anonymous said...

Not much more to say.......Burns and McDonald can't engineer their way out of a wet paper bag.