Friday, May 03, 2019

Kansas City Flush Creek Finish

A conclusion for today's Midtown hot mess wherein a suspect earned a brief escape to THE FAVORITE OPEN SEWER OF ALL KCMO before his inevitable capture. Checkit:

Hit-and-run suspect arrested after driving into Brush Creek

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An adult male was arrested after an alleged hit-and-run led to a chaotic scene and left authorities to haul a truck from Brush Creek on Friday near the Country Club Plaza. Witnesses told Kansas City, Missouri, police that the white full-size truck was traveling south on Main Street around 6 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Sympathy for the Firemen who had to go into Shit Creek to drag out the truck.

Anonymous said...

NO Sympathy for any KCFD FF who had to enter shit creek, its their job!!, we as tax payers finally got our moneys worth!, most days KCFD Fire crews are cruising the plaza and Westport cruising for chicks on our dime! I Hope that water was cold and smelled as bad as the morals of most KCFD FF's that claim to serve this city with good moral turptitude. Since shit creek is only 4 feet deep they didnt have to call in the water rescue professionals from Lee's Summit. KCFD always trying to take credit for the shit job they do in KCMO. KCFD, what a true waste of our tax money!!

Anonymous said...

2:23 The ambulance service they provide is even worse. If your loved one is sick, drive them to the hospital yourself, it will be cheaper and the chance of survival will be far greater. KCFD is a political machine and their hero propaganda keeps most citizens who pay their wages fooled.