Friday, May 17, 2019

Kansas City Early Morning News Look

We start early with a peek at hottie Sara and lingerie goodness moving at a loss:

Biz Insider: Shoppers still think Victoria’s Secret is overpriced despite Wall Street’s warnings about heavy discounting

Closer to home, here are the news items we're checking right now . . .

Trashy Kansas City Agenda Success

After mounting complaints, City Council votes to add trash trucks to fleet

Kansas City leaders tried to solve mounting complaints about trash service by adding 45 new trash trucks to the city's solid waste fleet, effectively taking trash service in-house.A unanimous decision by the City Council Thursday will end the city's private contract for trash service next year with Houston-based Waste Corporation of America and its Northland subcontractor Jim's Disposal.The decision comes after nearly 19,000 complaints about missed trash and recycling pickups to the city's 311 line since 2018 in the Northland.

Local Highway Tribute

Parents remember son killed in crash Tuesday on K-10

The parents of a 19-year-old University of Kansas student, killed in a crash Tuesday afternoon on Kansas 10, say he made a difference in the lives of those who knew him.Dylan J.

Guv Kelly Admirable Cleanup

Gov. Kelly cancels no-bid contracts worth more than $110 million

TOPEKA, KS (AP) - Gov. Laura Kelly's administration is canceling two no-bid contracts valued at more than $110 million that were negotiated by Kansas Revenue Department officials from previous administrations.

Higher Cost Teachable Moment

Kansas Regents To Universities: Tone Down Your Tuition Hikes

Rethink those planned tuition hikes. That's the word from the Kansas Board of Regents, which is considering tuition proposals from universities not long after lawmakers approved a state funding boost meant to hold down student costs.

Show-Me The Big Catch

76-pound black buffalo fish breaks Missouri record

Another Missouri fish record fell recently when a bowfisherman shot a 76-pound black buffalo at Duck Creek Conservation Area on April 21. It's the fifth state fish record to fall so far this year. According to a conservation department news release, Joshua Lee of Bernie shot the fish in Stoddard County.

Lesson In Double FAIL
Seg. 1: KCPS Data Anaylsis | Seg. 2: Gloria Squitiro
Wasted Season Celebration

Defense collapses and the Royals get blown out 16-1 in series finale

The Royals hatred of close games seems unmatched in all of baseball. Each Kansas City's last seven games had been decided by four runs or more, and that continued today as a defensive meltdown in the 5th fueled a late inning blowout in a 16-1 loss Thursday afternoon.

Slipknot - Unsainted is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Did they also mention that kcps is one of the worst school districts in the nation? Exactly where and when are they going to find out where all this money is going.

BigK said...

And some people want to have a stadium in downtown KC.
Who want to go watch a losing team . Maybe at first, then it will get old.
Team needs to spend some of the share of money that is given to them from MLB.
Spend the money to get and keep good players.

Anonymous said...

Would Renee Garnett be saying her son Dylan J. Garnett made a difference if it had been a minivan full of kids he could have maybe slammed into killing who knows how many. So tired of parents who just can't admit their kid fucked up. Dylan is now also know for spreading himself and a car all over K-10. Guess his love for God and Jesus didn't protect him from doing stupid things.

Hopefully the truck driver will sue the parents for allowing their so called special brat to be allowed to text and drive while doing 70 plus down a highway.

Sorry lady if I don't shed too many tears for you.

Anonymous said...

@ 713: I too had a similar response to this story BUT then I realized that this mother and father are in severe pain in the loss of their son. Yes the truck driver did nothing wrong being stopped in traffic but his truck is covered by insurance. The problem is that their son was not paying attention and it cost him his life. K-10 is a dangerous road and the police and highway patrol do not do enough to control the speed on the highway. I have been passed like I was sitting still when I was going 75 mph out there. But it is the main road to Lawrence and Topeka for the Johnson County residents and they don't want to piss off the KU crowd. We need stronger enforcement on k-10 and I-35 and I-435. Sorry the kid lost his life but he was just doing what everybody does out there.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^Oh so just doing what everyone else is makes it all okay?

I like what 7:13 says because it's the hardcore truth. When stupid people break the law they get stupid harsh rewards. And just because the big truck had insurance that makes it all okay. I agree I hope the driver sues the hell out of them for allowing a fool behind the wheel of the families car.

Anonymous said...


When Sara followed her mother into the modeling business, it was a case of her being a CHIN OFF THE OLD SHOULDER!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ nice

NicK said...

yeah how about trash cans like the rest of the city