Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Kansas City Drowning In Water FAIL 2019

As a great many morning streets are flooded. We noticed that yesterday an EPIC brake on The Plaza took out water for most of the day. Here's bad water news made even worse:

Changing seasons lead to more Kansas City water main breaks

A change of season means more water main breaks in Kansas City.Water service crews are busy trying to stay on top of those repairs."These time-and-pressure breaks, these happen all over the city all of the time," said Kofi Fenderson, a KC Water supervisor.Fenderson said that on a typical day, crews


Anonymous said...

You can thank Mark funkhouser and sLIE James for this entire mess, funkshit eliminated positions and sLIE continues to steal money from them for pet projects. This department could have been restored but bow tie the clown has bigger plans with developers and he simply doesn’t care about the citizens.

Anonymous said...

^^Blah blah blah. Go cry to your congressman. Loser

Anonymous said...

I think Noah said the same thing.

Reality Speaker said...

Way too much "turbidity".