Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Kansas City Crime Roundup Tuesday

Whilst paging through the Orange Is The New Black Gift Guide we stumbled upon some of the more interesting, shocking and important crime news that reminds us this town remains just as dangerous as ever.

Kansas City Legacy Iced

Ex-partner of deceased skater Coughlin says she was abused

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One of the former skating partners of two-time U.S. pairs champion John Coughlin has accused him in a series of Facebook posts of sexually assaulting her over a two-year period. Coughlin, who killed himself in January, "hurt at least 10 people including me.

Newspaper Reports Suspected Shooter History

Latest on David Jungerman: Lawyer fined, daughter jailed, farm filed for bankruptcy

Here's a timeline of David Jungerman's life from a successful businessman to alleged murderer. A farm connected to the 81-year-old millionaire accused of fatally shooting a Kansas City attorney in 2017 filed for bankruptcy Thursday, a day after his attorney in a wrongful death lawsuit was sanctioned for allegedly violating a gag order.

Missouri Joins Crackdown Effort

5 GOP Senators Move to Restore Sentencing Tool for Repeat Offenders

WASHINGTON-Violent repeat offenders who illegally use firearms to commit new felonies will again face the prospect of a minimum of 15 years in prison if a bill introduced on May 20 by five Republican senators becomes law. "Violent, repeat criminals should be behind bars, not roaming the streets threatening law-abiding citizens.

Sleaze Scummit Fear

Police investigating Lee's Summit bank robbery Tuesday

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (KCTV) - Police are investigating an armed bank robbery that happened Tuesday afternoon. Officers were dispatched to the Summit Ridge Credit Union located at 3485 Ralph Powell Road for an armed bank robbery. Witnesses indicate that a male entered the business with a handgun and left with an undisclosed amount of money.

Show-Me Gun Crime Conneciton

Of more than 600 guns stolen 2 years ago, only 73 recovered

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) - A federal prosecutor says authorities have recovered only 73 of the 654 guns stolen in 2017 in Springfield. Prosecutors say six men from Texas stole the guns by maneuvering several trailers into a United Parcel Service lot.

JoCo Nasty Shopping Case

Olathe man tried to take photos of women changing at Nordstrom Rack, prosecutors say

LENEXA, Kan. -- An Olathe man is facing charges after he tried to take pictures of women in the changing room at Nordstrom Rack, according to court documents. Jonathan Falen, 44, faces three counts of breach of privacy by video or picture in Johnson County Court.

Footballer Family Drama Revealed

Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu target of extortion plot

NEW ORLEANS (KCTV) - Federal officials in Louisiana say a family member of Tyrann Mathieu's is under investigation for trying to extort money from the new Chiefs safety. Court documents show that a New Orleans man, Geourvon Sears, threatened someone listed in the document as TM and later identified to KCTV5 News by his agent as Mathieu.

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