Thursday, May 16, 2019

Kansas City Country Song Inspiration: Witness Local Trailer Court Hard Times

Realization that the "affordable housing" debate is a lot further reaching than most people realize. Take a look:

KCMO mobile home park in deplorable conditions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Residents at the Stonecroft Mobile Home Park at 4900 Raytown Road say they're tired of living in terrible conditions. "Honey, it's just horrible in here. We need help," said Jackie, who's lived in the park since 2001. She did not want to give her last name.


Anonymous said...

Don't ever buy a mobile home, but renting them is a good way to save money.

Anonymous said...

"Honey, it's just horrible in here. We need help,"

I got a brilliant idea....... move dumbass. That’s why they have wheels.

Anonymous said...

60 Minutes did a story about trailer parks a couple of months ago. They are getting bought up by huge investment firms that hide behind LLC's making them almost impossible to even contact to make a complaint. Sounds like this place is one of them bought up.

Anonymous said...

As soon as a trailer becomes empty the trash living in these "parks" descend upon it, ripping out plumbing, striping off siding, and otherwise stealing anything the think they can peddle for a few cents to get their hands on more drugs and cheap beer.

Then they piss and moan about how trashy the place looks.
Call the Cops on your own sons and nephews, dumbass!

Anonymous said...

Byron's gonna be pissed you took a picture of his house.

Anonymous said...


Sylvester James: Everything will be great if we extend the streetcar over there. Let's add another tax.

Jolie Justus: As I was driving...I mean walking!..the length of the city, I'm sure I passed by there.

Quinton Lucas: Did I mention that I was raised by a single-mother and experienced homelessness as a child?

Troy Schulte: If you don't like the job I'm doing, I could make more money and sleep better at night by joining the private sector.

northlander said...

Looks like the Health Dept should go by . Don't you think