Thursday, May 02, 2019

Kansas City Cinco De Mayo Warm-Up Ruckus

Here's the GOLD STANDARD of Kansas City political discourse taking a moment to talk with a longtime local Latino leader before an in-depth conversation about upcoming election reality and partisan talking points.

This one of the better show's we've seen so far this year and, at the very least, reintroduces a few new players to the local municipal discussion:

"Mike Shanin talks to Guadalupe Centers CEO Cris Medina about the organization's 100th anniversary and associated commemorative events. Gwen Grant, Jason Grill, Ron Freeman and Dustin Morris discuss the impact of mayoral debates on swaying undecided voters, the GOP response the the Kansas Supreme Court ruling on abortion and the debate over including a citizenship question on the 2020 Census."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

If we're going to have a census at all, then we need to have a citizenship question. Without it, the numbers don't mean anything.

KC Citizen said...

^^^ +100

Frank The Feo Westsider said...

First we had news on Freedom Inc. donations tonight and now there's this public television promotional for GCI. Must be freebie day at TKC. Aye caramba!

Anonymous said...

YOu make me laugh gringo. Lulz.

But the part of the discussion about influencing undecided voters and the upcoming debates was honestly more informative than anything else. The impact they have on the election? -2 because with a dozen debates everyone is just going to tune it all out.

You heard it here first said...

Jolie +6

Anonymous said...

What part about young black males shooting up houses with children does quinton Lucas not understand? Jolie? Are you even listening? This city is fucked.

Anonymous said...

Always get a good laugh seeing this embedded video with the zombies sitting at the table and the host sitting there with his script in front of him.

Anonymous said...


Jason Grill is another failed attorney who turned to political schmoozing to make a living. He's linked to Parris Communications which we just learned is on Team Jolie Justus, profiting off the boondoggle airport terminal fiasco. Grill is the type of Democrat who lives like a stereotypical Republican businessman (safe quiet White JoCo KS) while sucking the lifeblood from the Democrat base.

Gwen Grant leads The Urban League of KC which is a private organization primarily funded with taxpayer dollars and charitable donations (why she thanked the Sosland family), which provide redundant services already available through government social service agencies. The following is directly from their website:
Our Mission
"To enable African Americans and other disadvantaged persons to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights."

They unequivocally state that African Americans are disadvantaged persons. In other words, all African Americans are victims who need the Urban League to interfere on their behalf. This is great job security for folks like Gwen Grant.

Ever notice that the plight of the truly disadvantaged never gets better with people like Grill and Grant representing them?