Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Kansas City Artsy Wall Disaster Underway

Art as an inconvenience blocks a local road for a vague reason that's probably about Prez Trump but nobody can say it because taxpayer cash is being used for the display. Take a look:

'Walking Wall' to close Rockhill Road for next three weeks

Rockhill Road will be blocked off to traffic for three weeks starting on Wednesday as an outdoor art exhibit enters a new phase. "Walking Wall", which was designed by artist Andy Goldsworthy, is currently on display across the street from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.


Anonymous said...

How about this being walked up someone's ass.

Hyperblogal said...

This will be popular.

Reality Speaker said...

Probably even more stimulating than "Open Spaces". Wow, what an exciting city!!

Anonymous said...

Three minutes.

I drive this road as part of my morning commute as a cutoff that lets me get to Gillham. Ended up taking Harrison at Cleaver and I lost three minutes. That's it.

The artist has been putting walls up places since the Eighties, so calling it a Trump thing is stupid. The neighbors don't give a fuck because they drive Harrison anyway to get to Gillham, so talking about the inconvenience and OH OUR STREETS and pearl-clutching because of BIG ART TAKING OVER is stupid.

It's two weeks of a few extra minutes' drive for those of us who drive that cut-through. That's it.

Anonymous said...

They'd better leave a passage through it for the Bike Nazis to get by or there'll be HELL TO PAY!

Eric Bunch and his "enforcers" will be all pissy if they can't do anything they want to at any time the whim strikes their fancies.

Anonymous said...

The "artist" literally called it a trump thing so fuck off with your dumb anecdotes about how 6 minutes a day adds up to two hours a month and that we should be grateful tax payers are funding a british dude to make uninspired political statements If it weren't a cliched reaction to trump there's no way this would have happened.

Joe said...

ZERO tax dollars are being spent on the project. It is privately funded by the Hall Family Foundation.

Tracy Thomas said...

Hooray for 10:29, who actually drives that street!

This is world class art that puts KCMO on the map for something other than crime and potholes.

and thanks, 1:20 for explaining the funding.

After the loss in one month of both the Tivoli and now the Cinemark on the Plaza, it's wonderful to have ONE NICE THING in KCMO.

Good for Julian Zugazagoitia and the Nelson.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, tell us your post is sarcasm. If it's not, then may God help ya! It might be time to try appropriate meds.

Not Mel Gibson said...

Andy (((Goldsworthy))). Jew Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of pointless labor stacking moving and re stacking all those stones. And it's getting hot. Damn how stupid and it is not beautiful or functional or meaningful in any way. it is not art. Wm Rockhill Nelson designed that great road (and built it and the bridge over brush Creek) with his own money. He would be absolutely shocked to be told that one day his beloved art museum was actually spending money to block his road, obstructing the flow of people and commerce. He'd have a heart attack to learn about the demise of his news- paper but that's off topic ...


Smiling Jack said...

This is just more of the "It's Art Because I Say It's Art" horseshit that has been around since the 1920s!

Salvador Dali and all the DaDaists mocked this sort of crap unmercifully, but the marginally talented flocked to it, and the "critics" found it easy to "SOUND PROFOUND" when they spewed their drivel.

The purpose of Art is communication, but in order for that purpose to be realized, there have to be two factors...
A) the "artist" has to have the skill and talent to communicate, and
B) the "artist' has to have something to say!

If this was intended as a "political protest', Picasso's Shade can rest, "Guernica" is not in danger of being overshadowed.
And, if this is "World Class Art", the Art World is now dominated by all the subtlety of the old TV show "Hee Haw"!

"Walking Wall"? Great Caesar's Galloping Ghost!
'Waffling Whimsy" would be more descriptive.