Monday, May 27, 2019


The bloody weekend concludes with a slice of local life and a teachable moment . . .


REMEMBER that the pinnacle of Mayor Sly's anti-gun rhetoric appeared in the New York Times not so long ago.

As greater CCW rights and Missouri OPEN CARRY took hold . . .

Check the money line and a passage relevant to the legacy of his administration:

Kansas City’s mayor, Sly James Jr., said he had argued against the gun control changes, but to no avail. He called gun homicides in his city “slow-motion mass murder.”

“I’m a black mayor in a state with a rural representative conservative legislature that gives the rights to carry arms to 19-year-olds — do you really think there’s anything I can say that’s going to bother them?” Mr. James said.

“I’m tired of the fact that we have disproportionate numbers of African-Americans who are dying,” he said. “Legislators, who are predominantly white, seem to ignore the racial implications of the laws they make.”

And so, tonight the latest killing contradicts fear about guns and reminds us that the greater evil is the rising in a local lack of respect for life and the rights of our fellow residents:

KSHB: One stabbed to death at 35th and Olive in KCMO, police say

KMBC: Man fatally stabbed Monday night in east Kansas City

FOX4: 35th and Olive Fatal Stabbing

KCTV5: One person killed in stabbing in Kansas City's east side

Witnesses told police he was involved in a fight with at least two suspects, who fled in a gold Chrysler passenger vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to contact the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.

As always, thanks for reading on this surprisingly busy and hectic Memorial Day 2019. Hopefully, we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

kc politicians don't care about preventing war. They just want to make voters even more powerless.

Anonymous said...

I was confident they wouldn't let us down. The night's not over yet.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's a holiday weekend coming up so since Monday's the holiday it should be #54--$55 by Tuesday morning @ 5:00 a.m. in time for BREAKING NEWS!!!

5/23/19, 6:35 PM

So far I'm on the mark. 55-56 might be a tad more realistic.

5/25/19, 7:34 AM

Anonymous said...

Somebody's count is off so is this #54 or #55. From today's K.C.Rag

"Shootings throughout the weekend left Kansas City with 54 homicides so far in 2019. By this time in 2018, police had recorded 48 killings in a year that ended with 136, down from 151 in 2017 but up from other recent years.
Nine homicides have been reported this year in Kansas City, Kansas. That’s down from 16 by this time in 2018, which ended with 33, according to data kept by The Star."

chuck said...

Banning guns from law abiding white people, is all about power and control over the lives of same, by those who actually support the thugs in the streets.

In London, where the murder rate is higher than in New York, stabbings and acid attacks are an everyday problem.

Democrat politicians want to disarm you, the same way Maduro disarmed his citizens in 2010. Hmmm....

We are now, everyday, as we peel the outer layers of this corrupt onion, known as "The Deep State", finding out, just how corrupt the federal Government is, not only in terms of the Rule Of Law, but the Fascist bias that is pervasive throughout.

You wanna turn in your guns? Not only will the thugs in the streets, whom the Democrat/Socialist/Fascist politicians and media support, come kill you, your OWN GOVERNMENT WILL TRAIN FIREARMS ON YOU IF YOU DON'T TOW THE LINE.

Democracy itself, is preserved in fear, the fear that the unelected, bureaucrats have at the thought of folks in the streets, shooting back at them when they try to administer a coup. You know, like the one they just tried to effect over the last 3 years.


Anonymous said...

Yet the anti gun narrative continues despite a lack of evidence. They want the nation unarmed and easy to control.

Anonymous said...


Top: Kansas developers react to talk of TIF reforms!

Middle: KC's openly-gray Bozo mayor offers excuses for violent young black male perpetrators!!

Bottom: Jolie is rotten to the core!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are blacks so violent and murderous? Why can’t they stop killing? I wanna hear who they blame for the way they behave, it’s always somebody else’s fault with these people. We give them everything and all they do is destroy it. No respect for anything or anybody.

Anonymous said...

sLIE plays the race card for his failures, typical kolored move, he destroys a city, bankrupts it and gives all our tax money away to developers. The man has been working on an airport for 8yrs, gives over 150 million dollars to Edgemoor and we still have nothing but a picture of what it could look like, remember, this airport won’t cost you a dime. He failed an entire city and blames everybody else for his disaster so what’s new when he blames the conservatives. It was his city for 8yrs, over a thousand murders to his credit, he had the power to do something and he did nothing to stop his violent people. Blame whoever you want mayor slick, you were in charge and you did nothing to fix it. WORST MAYOR EVAR.

Anonymous said...

2:48am Whites are just as much murderers, thugs and unsophisticated. You think too highly of your own race lest you consider the mass murder of Slavery, against the Native Americans, the Tuskegee syphillis experiment, the Oklahoma City bombing, every major World War, the mass shootings that happen nearly every day in America and don’t forget the Casey Anthony’s of the world. Stay on topic, asshole.

Anonymous said...

Murderers go to Hell.

Anonymous said...

"It's just a Cuban crime of passion,
Messy and old fashioned.
Yeah, that's what the papers did say.
It's just a Cuban crime of passion,
Anjejo and knives a slashin'.
Yeah but that's what the people like to read about,
Up in America, up in America."

Jimmy Buffett--"Cuban Crime Of Passion"

Anonymous said...

@4:27 am
Lots of history there, but much more recent facts make Sly look like the fool he is.
And your comments irrelevant.
In the record year of 150 murders in 2017 in KCMO, 88% of the victims were black.
It's not possible to ascertain the percentage of the perpetrators, because only around 50% of the murders in KCMO are ever solved.
But it's not hard to make a really good guess about that second number.
And now it's 2019 and the city already has 11 homicides every month.
Want to guess the percentages this year?
And just like with Sly, endless excuses and blame for everyone but the people who are actually causing the mayhem and carnage.
Not honestly defining the problem simply contributes to it.
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

2:48 Stay on topic ?! You drag up 1000 years of history and we are off topic ?!


Anonymous said...

Jolie eats the forbidden fruit

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Oh no!! What do we do???? Why hasn't President Trump kept his promise to end the carnage in our cities?? Why did he lie?? This is all Trump's fault!! He's done nothing! said...

4:27 AM The greatest slavers in history are, number 1)Blacks - number 2) Arabs so turn off "Roots" which is total bullshit. Native Americans murdered each other like the stone aged aboriginals that they were. If you don't think, as Hobbes said, that Indian life wasn't short and brutish, then, turn off "Dancing With Wolves" cause you ain't gonna find a hot redhead on the prairie and fall in love. Your line of reasoning is a cat's paw manipulation of the weak minded, low information, emotional, blinkered white idiots who, at the Progressive demand, rend their clothing in a narcissistic, self absorbed, paroxysm of virtue signalling intended to elevate themselves onto the supposed "High Ground".

Total bullshit.

White people are NOT going back to Europe, Tony ain't goin back to Spain and blacks, even as fucked up as they make everything around them, sure as hell don't wanna go back to Africa, a pestilent, violent continent where they see the destruction at light speed of once great nations disintegrate under the yoke of uniparty, black rule. You know, Baltimore, Detroit and the hundreds of Democrat cities that are dying as we watch.

Get on your knees and thank God for white people, or you can indeed, go to Africa, sit under a tree and eat a coconut while your wife picks fleas off of you and eats them.

Anonymous said...

If we got rid of Jean Petersucker Baker and replaced her with even an adequate prosecutor, our murder rate would be way less than it is now.

Save The Plaza said...

More police on streets. It's simple not hard there's just no money in it so that's why we're more concerned with development.

Anonymous said...

KC = Kutting City.

Anonymous said...

Hey liberals you want to take guns away but what about knives?????? Are you going to go after those too???? How about crow bars??? Then will hammers be next????

Anonymous said...

Baltimore has 118 murders. Our hood rats are weak. Our hood rats will let you eat the last piece of chicken and all the watermelon.

LiberalismHasFailed said...

Leftists believe owning a gun is a sign of mental illness and believe men dressing like women is perfectly normal.
This week’s gun control argument in a nutshell:
because government failed at every level,
you need to have your rights curtailed by the
government that just failed at every level.

Reason demands that true courage be defined by a person’s willingness to defend the life and liberty of himself and those around him.
Disarming law-abiding citizen’s demands, on the other hand, that courage be defined by a person’s trust in the police to imprison the correct suspect after the person is already dead.
That is not only absurd, but dangerous.

Making good people helpless will not make bad people harmless.
The left wants all of law abiding citizen’s guns because they know you will not get into the boxcars willingly.
Statistically, a gun is much less likely to be used in a crime than a Senator.
To ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the law abiding that their rights and liberties depend not on their own conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and lawless.
The ABSOLUTE Best Gun Control is POLITICIAN Control! NEVER Vote for a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

OK, make it illegal for 19 year olds to own or possess firearms, but also make it illegal for anyone under 21 to vote. If they're too irresponsible to use a gun, they're too irresponsible to participate in democracy.

Anonymous said...

Sly- Hey why don't you put Reed in charge of the crime and violence which has grown over the past 8 years of your leadership? Perhaps he could pilfer from the general fund another $50 million for the renovation of the 18th and Vine District?

Anonymous said...

Jolie wades in the red river and drinks the water.