Thursday, May 09, 2019

K-State Gunfire Postscript

A national trend hits flyover country but thankfully nobody was hurt. Here's the round-up:

No injuries after reports of shots fired on Kansas State University Campus

David Mayes K-State Foundation building SOURCE: David Mayes Kansas State University officials have confirmed that shots were fired at a parking lot on campus but that no injuries have been reported and there is "no ongoing threat."University spokesman Jeff Morris says the shots were fired around 11 a.m.


Anonymous said...

No big deal at K-State. If this had happened at KU, most of the students would have to undergo therapy because they are such pussies. Homosexuality is rampant at KU, probably 90% of male students are homosexuals or trannies.

Anonymous said...

^ Ha, you never been to KS that's for sure

Anonymous said...

Them kneegrows are way too far west.