Monday, May 06, 2019

Johnson County Internets Addiction Worsens

Life lesson for the NEXTGEN in the nicer part of town . . . Life of privilege demands that workers are tethered to devices at all times. Take a look:

Shawnee Mission Parents Say School Administrators Are Ignoring Their Complaints About Screen Time

Parents in the Shawnee Mission School District say students are spending too much time on their iPads, and they don't think administrators are taking their concerns seriously. "We asked for a comprehensive review," said Gretchen Shanahan, one of the parents who's serving on the district's digital learning task force.


Anonymous said...

Young "end users"

Anonymous said...

Digital Crack

Anonymous said...

Well when you give your brat access to the internet and stop being parents this is what happens. You stuck up Prairie Village witches created this mess now deal with it and stop blaming the schools.

Anonymous said...

Screen time means less kicking time.