Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Jackson County Talks COMBAT

Aftermath of a recent listening session in the midst of the 2019 crime wave. Read more:

JaxCo COMBAT seeks opinions on public safety, crime

Jackson County COMBAT held the first of three Community Engagement Programs, listening sessions designed to gather public input on the problems of drug abuse and violence. COMBAT is short for Community Backed Anti-Crime Tax. Monday evening's event at the Mohart Community Center was hosted by Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker and COMBAT director Vince Ortega.


Anonymous said...

Every time I swerve a pothole in Jackson county I think of the $20million sucked out of the local economy by this bullshit regressive sales tax that is a law enforcement and prosecutor slush fund. End it. Yeah sure they attend conferences and give each other awards big deal. It's all BS. And they count hundreds of recover addicts but most of those success stories weren't addicts at all they were just people who got popped with a drug charge. Thanks,
-Cynical Radish

Anonymous said...

Interesting how Jean Baker can't arrest her way out of societies problems. Maybe the problem is Jean Peters Baker is still on the ballot?