Saturday, May 04, 2019

Independence Examiner Op/Ed: Still Innocent Until Proven Guilty In Social Media Era?!?!

Credit to this community newspaper for providing a worthwhile think piece opinion column that didn't simply espouse partisan talking points. Show this longtime local outlet some love and check this worthwhile note:

The presumption of innocence is paramount

Over the 34 years I have been practicing law, my practice has changed and evolved a great deal.In my younger years, most all my work was in litigation, mostly civil, but some criminal too.Early on, my law school roommate, who clerked for a federal judge, got my name placed on the list of appointed counsel for federal criminal defendants, and I got my feet wet by defending indigent criminal defendants in the federal system.In the two law firms I worked for, in my first nine years of


Anonymous said...

Who is this guy? If his name is somewhere in the article, I missed it.

Anonymous said...

^^^^The man's name is at the bottom of the article.

Byron Funkhouser said...

There has never been an assumption of innocence.

That is a dangerous myth.

"The judge said, 'Son, what is your alibi. If you were somewhere else, than you won't have to die.'"

A very old song, & it's still true.

Anonymous said...

And the judge pointed to Byron and says to a young man, "That isn't how you want to go through life acting and behaving like."

Anonymous said...

I hear that sheep are liars.