Friday, May 31, 2019

Imaginary Fanboy Super Bowl Match-up: Kansas City Chiefs Defeat Patriots

Pre-season is nearly as "gratifying" as a trip to an Asian massage parlor but it has been more than a generation since there was a happy ending for local football fans. Here's more hype from constantly unsatisfied fanboys:

Arrowheadlines: Chiefs viewed as team who could "dethrone" Patriots in 2019

Nine NFL teams with best chance to dethrone Patriots in 2019 | NFL 1) Kansas City Chiefs We don't have to go far to find evidence that this could be the club to usurp New England in the AFC hierarchy.


Anonymous said...

Not a good headline. It is impossible for the Chiefs and Patriots to, eat in the Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

^^ What's on the menu?

Anonymous said...

The Chiefs ain't going to do shit. It will be the same ole song and dance where they trick the fans into spending insane amounts of money on tickets, over priced clothing and trinkets while choking in the end and then getting the fans to believe they will do it for sure the next year. In the end the Chiefs and all associated with it get richer and the fans get poorer

Anonymous said...

^^I don't get poorer. I can easily afford my tickets. They aren't fooling me moron. I go to have a great time with friends & family which I do. Every. Single. time. That's something you don't know anything about. That's why you are a a blog for lonely geriatrics crying about people who can afford things you can't and doing thing you don't. Do better moron. YOU'RE the reason you suck.