Monday, May 27, 2019

Harley Last Ride In Kansas City

End of an era as a classic American motorcycle company turns their attention to Thailand and bigger motorcycle market in Asia. Read more:

Harley-Davidson plant in Kansas City marks last day of production

KANSAS CITY, MO. (KCTV) --- The Harley-Davidson Kansas City plant has had its final day of production. Plant officials confirm the final day of production was Friday, May 24. Harley-Davidson announced in January 2018 that it would close its Kansas City plant. About 800 jobs were lost in Kansas City due to the closure.


Anonymous said...

bet they voted for Trump

Anonymous said...

Harley can move to Thiland who cares!!, Harley is cool for old dudes and Johhny Dare, but apparently old dudes are dying off sooner than their business model projected and now they have to manufacture on the cheap. Us millenals ride crotch rockets, impeade traffic, ride wheelies while high as fuck at 80 MPH down I-70, whats the problem here old fuckers? Grow a beard and get some balls with a side of testosterone!! We crotch rocket riders will do charities too, just not right now, we are too busy with your daughters on our crotch rockets, if you know what mean old school! Dont worry though old dudes - grand babies are in your future!!

Anonymous said...

Walmart is hiring @ 11 bucks a hour, why they sweatin?

Anonymous said...

They took their GOP tax cuts left.

So much winning.

Anonymous said...

I for one like the fact the numbers of these no muffler, look I got a radio Harley idiots are going down. RIP a-holes