Monday, May 27, 2019

Hardliner Kansas Republicans Hope To Spark Rebellion Against Granny Guv Kelly

The GOP refuses compromise with a so-called "moderate" and they're looking to ramp up criticism and opposition to this political lady whilst trying to keep from looking like petulant crybabies and chase more women away from the party . . . It'll be a tough tightrope to watch but battling her on economic issues that put most voters to sleep has proven successful so far. Read more:

Kansas Lawmakers' Last Day in Session to Test Governor Kelly's Clout

By JOHN HANNA AP Political Writer TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Democratic Governor Laura Kelly this week faces a key test of her power to shape the state budget and keep moderate Republicans on her side as the GOP-controlled Kansas Legislature prepares to consider overriding her vetoes of spending and tax relief measures.


Anonymous said...

Abort her, she seems to think pretty highly of abortions, let her stand by her beliefs.

Anonymous said...

^^^sure thing geezer. Head on back out to hayseedsville, you fucking rube. Problem with democracy is it really isn't because the popular vote loses out to representations of the minority. Kind of like this asshole posting above.