Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Great Kansas City Scooter Experiment Starts

Here's a litany of City Hall statements on their scooter adventures wherein local transit officials ride along with the latest trend that's completely unsustainable.

Somewhat related amid rising danger: A woman was beaten to death with an electric scooter, police say

Here's the word:

Scooter and e-bike pilot program launched The City of Kansas City, Missouri, welcomed Bird, Spin and RideKC Bike & RideKC Scooter into a yearlong scooter and e-bike pilot program designed to gauge how these motorized units best fit into our transportation system.

Take a look:

More info:

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Let the hipster carnage begin.

Anonymous said...

Hipster = Anyone not driving an F-150 and wearing a Chiefs shirt while on the way to get some 'cue.

Traffic Light said...

The scooter and e-bike initiatives are what KCMO is replacing the failed fair weather toy train with. The city cannot get federal funding for expanding the fair weather toy train so they are moving on with a simpler plan. The hipsters and soy boys are secretly embracing the change of direction by the city. Eventually VisitKc will be on board and the scooters and e-bikes will be in promotional materials.

Anonymous said...

If these flights of fantasy weren't so expensive for the taxpaying public, these kinds of things might actually be kind of funny.
But here is yet another example of an "organization" that can't do its most basic job at all well, that is to provide competent bus service, launching off on another faddish unnecessary direction.
No ability to run so much as a one-car garage.
And ZERO accountability or financial responsibility.
Next up?
Skateboards and roller skates!
You don't want to be left behind.
You really can't make this stuff up.
What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Let me save everyone some time - "How do these fit into our Transportation System?" - THEY DON'T!
Now go piss away taxpayer's money on something else!

Anonymous said...

^^^Have to agree, having these thigs on the streets would be as stupid as having something like a Streetcar.

Anonymous said...

Ah, targets!

Anonymous said...

City must hurry up and get the "Ride KC" (Fuck you motorists who think streets are for you.) bike lanes painted to allow this 1% to be safe.

Anonymous said...

why is my government doing this?
wasn't the original Lime scooters a private enterprise?
can't the ebike thing be a private venture, also?

our city can't manage itself out of a paper bag.
why let them do anything if you don't really have to?

Charlie Horse said...

I'm a bit overweight. Can they put out scooters with dual wheels?

Anonymous said...

scooters and bikes are actually popular and usurping ridership on the street car. People are actually willing to pay to use a scooter but wouldn't pay to ride the street car.