Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Former Kansas City Star Publisher Shares Swan Song For Newspaper Industry

She offers a vivid description of a make-out session with a colleague and great advice about getting out of the fading industry. Take a peek at a conversation more real than those fake digital subscription giveaway numbers:

Why I stayed in newspapers when I was warned to flee.

When I flew to Phoenix the week I became publisher, the first thing people wanted to ask me about was the future. What were my plans? Where were we headed? To do that, I want to tell you something from the past.


chuck said...

Having a "Tiger Mom" must be a pain in the ass.

Idiocracy Apocalypse said...

And I am supposed to click through and read this.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I read her post and I still don't know why she decided to stay in journalism. Possibly her skill of using lots of words to say very little is not in high demand elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Mi-Ai Parrish is the CEO and President of MAP Strategies Group, a change engineering enterprise that helps industries in disruption navigate positive transformation. WTF?

Hahaha! What a f**king crock!

While at McClatchy she was quickly promoted up the ranks because she was a female minority and willing to serve as "hatchet-man" to come in and decimate staffing levels.

Contrary to what she writes, she did it for the money and position/title, figuring she could prosper for a few years and then exit before the shit hit the fan.

Looks like now she's created her little 2-person consulting operation (calls herself CEO/President)with her husband, and advises other struggling operations to just "be like her."

Here's how it works:
Rewrite your resume to claim responsibility for all success experienced by any company you worked for, while omitting all the mistakes.
Get your photo taken with high-profile public figures and use these in your marketing communications.
Constantly hobnob with the politically connected, university leaders, corporate board members, etc., and ingratiate yourself into their social circle.
Become a "transformation change-agent consultant" and seek contracts with those listed above.
In short, be a shallow self-centered narcissist willing to shit on everyone else if it temporarily helps you.

Anonymous said...

For me preparing a resume is a good practice for writing fiction. Can't fault a hustler tryin' her hustle. live and let live, radish says.

Anonymous said...

And yet flee she did, after raking in the big bucks for more than a decade and dispatching hundreds of long-standing, loyal staffers much further down the pay scale, casting them to fates that most didn't deserve. The ones who paid the price weren't the ones who began slanting the news and ignoring the interests of half their potential subscribers.

Anonymous said...

She was without a doubt the worst Editor at the KC Star....EVER!

Anonymous said...

So the point of her article apparently is that she chose to stay because she was committed to taking on an arduous challenge. Then, at the end of the article, the reader learns that she, in fact, didn't stay after all—she evacuated to the safety of academia. Is she really that clueless?

Anonymous said...

What people say behind your back is your reputation.
What do the Star employees say and the ex employees say? That is mi-ah perish’s reputation... like it or not.
Judging from the comments here... sounds like she was well liked...beloved.
What does Jimmy C say? Hearne? How about Mary S?
I have no idea... but that article was hard to read- spaced out- and full of holes enough to rival Swiss cheese.
Hope the 2nd part of her career goes better... whatever she is doing...cause it sounds like more nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Can’t make heads or tails on the article. Seems she contradicts herself in the end.
Hope she drives better than she writes or thinks.