Monday, May 20, 2019

Former Kansas City Chiefs Star Kareem Hunt Born Again After Punting Lady In Hallway

Don't be too skeptical, this is actually a much more convincing step than most of the press release apologies put out by the NFL. Take a look:

Browns running back Kareem Hunt baptized at Cleveland church

Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt was baptized Sunday and the team's general manager and head coach were there to support him. Hunt was baptized at True Vine Baptist Church in Cleveland and John Dorsey and Freddie Kitchens made a surprise appearance at the ceremony.


Anonymous said...

Glory Jee to Beezes

Gunther said...

John and Freddie jerked off the whole time and ate each others cum, because cant wait to play the Chiefs!!

Anonymous said...

Just like serial murderers who suddenly “find religion” when they want to avoid the death penalty. Publicity sham. Put him in jail where he (and most of the NFL) belong.

Anonymous said...

^^^he doesn't belong in jail for what he did

with that said, evangelicalism is great! you can be a sinner for the vast majority of your life and then all you have to do is dunk in a water tank and you're all good! maybe after falwell jr. gets outed as gay or a serial adulterer he can reboot and get baptized again?