Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Former Kansas City 12th & Oak Tech Honcho Starts 'Smart City' Consultant Biz

Here's a glimpse at City Hall providing just a bit of job training for future Internets big time leaders. Take a look:

Former Kansas City CIO launches smart city consultancy

A newly formed smart city consultancy has developed a replicable model for identifying, planning and resourcing smart city solutions for communities of all sizes. B2 Civic Solutions is founded by Bob Bennett, the outgoing chief innovation officer (CIO) for Kansas City, where he oversaw its smart city programme described as the "world's most connected".


Super Dave said...

You mean Go4KC

Anonymous said...

If he or any other "formers" plan to try to find consulting gigs based on their work and results with KCMO, they had better have some serious back-up plans.
One quick glance at the condition of KCMO will make any prospective customers run, not walk, to the nearest exit.
The consulting water in KCMO is already full of rats and the next round from this rapidly dying and wholly discredited administration can only add to the despair.
Better go peddle your crap with people you have to hope don't know any better!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Without insider self dealing he is looking at the gong. Of course the Sly agenda seems to be getting continuation from Jollie.

He never said what benefits justified the expense. And the sycophants nodded like he was actually getting something critical accomplished.

Mostly routing cash to b teamers for lame tangents.

Anonymous said...

He is probably on the fast track to a new initiative, being a streetcar advocate, based on self promotion without much actually being accomplished. Never fear the PR machine will be on full volume, and the paper will not even challenge what is spent and what is accomplished and what the benefits are.