Saturday, May 11, 2019

Flyover Country Trade War Preview Debate: Will Farmers Turn On Prez Trump?!?

Progressive advocacy offers another argument against the current Administration as foreign policy now starts to impact finances. The note is mostly skewed but still offers a rare bit of big media consideration of Midwest values. Read more:

Farmers feel like "pawns" being used by Trump over China trade deal: Republican senator

President Donald Trump's announcement on Sunday that he will be increasing tariffs on Chinese imports has been making the financial markets nervous. And according to a report by the "Washington Post", it is worrying farmers and some midwestern GOP senators as well. One of those Republican senators is Kansas Sen.


Anonymous said...


LOL writing about Trump is probably the only thing keeping many of these lefty publications afloat.

Anonymous said...

Farmers will vote for Trump. Look at some of the alternatives:
Biden-Obama’s stooge VP
Kamala Harris-a whore
Buttgigger- a faggot

Anonymous said...

By @8:58's thinking...

3+ million more Americans voted against Trump than against Clinton,
and Trump only got into office because 80,000 more people in three States voted against Clinton than against him.


Byron Funkhouser said...

Der Fuhrer's approval rating is up. Maybe, some day, it will even reach 50% (So, only half of the country will hate him.)