Thursday, May 16, 2019

Existential Question: Will Bubba Spark Kansas City Royals Comeback?!?!

Today's disaster:

Royals give up 5 home runs in painful 16-1 loss to the Rangers

And a new hope . . .

Should the Royals call up Bubba Starling now?

Nicky Lopez is finally up with the Royals after weeks of fans clamoring for his arrival. His debut was marked with his first hit and a "Salvy Splash" in a blowout win, and even if he doesn't put up the numbers he did dominating the Pacific Coast League in Omaha, he offers hope to Royals fans longing for a younger lineup full of upside.


Anonymous said...

There may never be a better chance to bring him up. Dayton Moore is a dumb cocksucker Jesus Freak.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs season is only months away!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to lose at this point. He's been grinding away for long enough to dispense with the "we could ruin him if this doesn't go well" argument and the team sucks balls.