Friday, May 24, 2019

Eat Out Journalism: Kansas City Star Reports On Culture War Tipping Stereotypes

Actually, there's some pretty good data in this report that offers a perspective on stand-up comedy routines and the rantings of "drunk uncles" across the nation. Whilst there's probably more important things to worry about than the poor life decisions of servers . . . Credit where it's due: This column considers commonplace cultural logics and how the public chokes them down. Read more:

After Kansas Buffalo Wild Wings sued for discrimination, a lesson on tipping while black

A protest was held outside Tomfooleries on KC"s Country Club Plaza on July 26 after a woman, Xzaviera Vaqua, says she was discriminated against when she was kicked out of the restaurant by a manager on July 19. She recorded the interaction.


Anonymous said...

“Studies have shown that on average, African Americans and other people of color tend to tip less than white customers. Economic and educational inequality, institutionalized racism in the restaurant industry and plain old discrimination are among the many reasons black people tip a little less than whites on average.”

Bullshit, nigga’s don’t tip because they’re cheapskates, plus, if you’ve ever been out to dinner when they’re in the restaurant they constantly complain about everything, food isn’t perfect, the waiter wasn’t fast enough, they take twenty minutes ordering their food and always want to change how and what it’s cooked with. WORST CUSTOMERS EVAR. IF THEY ONLY KNEW HOW TERRIBLE THEY BEHAVE IN A RESTURAUNT THEY'D QUIT BEING SUCH LITTLE BITCHES...... no they wouldn’t, they treat people like shit on purpose thinking they’re going to get a free meal out of the deal.

Anonymous said...

"The racial stereotype is offensive, of course. But I wondered: Is there any evidence to support that claim? And when African Americans don’t tip well, are they responding to lousy service, creating a vicious cycle of more lousy service and more paltry tips"?

I know for a fact they are bad tippers. I was a server at a popular chain restaurant years ago. You never wanted to get a large party of them because your shift would be ruined. I even had a $60 tab paid for in a pile of change. None of the servers wanted them seated. It wasnt a racial thing it was a bottom line issue. Servers work to make tip money and if any demographic is known for horrible tipping you dont want them.

To be fair Sunday lunch was tough because of the older church crowd. Not because they were mean about it, but their generation really saw a single dollar as worth a lot more than it is now.

Truth Speaker said...

Service is usually shitty in KC Shitty. Is there really a reason to tip well?

The guy who buses the table actually does more work.

Anonymous said...

7:03 you mean Manuel?

Anonymous said...

Radish was a valet at a casino in the 90s. You just knew certain cars you retrieved would yield no tip. We called it the 103 jamz factor bc if that was what was on the radio when the car started then you knew.

It would be hard not to stereotype if you waited tables to earn your daily bread. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Negroes should not be allowed in any restaurant west of Troost

Anonymous said...

A better question would be why is anyone being forced to pay the wages of restaurant staff besides the owners?

You know, like it works in every other developed fucking country in the world.

But yes, blacks are of course hideous to wait on.

Anonymous said...

Years ago me and a friend hit the old Country Kitchen that used to be at 75th & I-35 after a night out drinking. At the time I was just out of college and still bartending. As we wait to get seated i see a table of 12 black being waited on by a black guy. The table is displaying all the typical black behavior. All drinking water, one-timing the shit out of the poor guy, complaining about the food, treating him like shit. We get sat in the same servers section. He walks up to us and greets us unprompted with these exact words: "Man, I know those niggers aren't going to leave me shit." Remember, this server IS BLACK. So I played along acting like I didn't know anything about what he meant and listened to him run down his own race any way he could. And he was right, they left him nothing. Friend and I of course tipped 100%

Anonymous said...

^^^They were pissed off that they had to pay for their food. Dine and dash was not yet a thing.