Wednesday, May 01, 2019


Sign of the times on the prospects of a fading local career path and better reporting than the former hack developer sponsored blog provided this morning:

FOX4KC: Former Kansas City Star building to become entertainment center with sand volleyball


The building at 17th and McGee will be transformed into an indoor/outdoor entertainment center and office complex.

Luke Wade, one of KC Crew`s founders, leads a nonprofit that organizes adult athletic and rec leagues in the metro. He said his group will be instrumental in providing programming at the forthcoming fun center.

"This parking lot will be transformed into three sand volleyball courts," Wade said Wednesday.

The building itself is getting a major facelift. On Wednesday afternoon, a crew of workers toiled away with machines that stirred up the dust amid a hissing noise.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Who owns the building? Did someone buy it? Did sLIE give away money for this project? I gotta know!

Anonymous said...

You should know already.

3D Development subsidiary 1729 Grand Boulevard LLC bought the historic Crossroads Arts District building from the newspaper's parent, McClatchy Co. in September 2017

Yes, there are tax abatements in place and there will be more.

Try to keep up, dimwit.

Go ahead, grow the good ganja! MaryJane momentum in mighty MO, man! Tons of toke tourists, truly! said...

Soon, at the big glass box, those printing presses will make hissing sounds as they're setting down their last dying typos. And, then all personnel will be swept out the door like crumbs and dust. No worries about an empty building decaying away with no revenues created. Alas, this large terrarium is to be transformed into an all seasons greenhouse to complement the other former Star site. Two operations that are tailored to healthy pursuits of fitness, fun, and food. Cool! AOC and her Greed Nuts Deal buds will surely be happy for and proud of the Democrim cowtown.

Anonymous said...

Careful and keep the homeless out or they will use the sand for a litter box.

Anonymous said...

KC Star: CNN. Trash and lies

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke?

Anonymous said...

You don't even know where 17th and Grand is.

Anonymous said...

I still want yo know if there will be Pickle Ball Courts for the homeless as well as the Volleyball Courts we're building for them.

Anonymous said...

You have to hope that the building generates more revenue in its latest iteration than the poor 'ole dying Star did.
Or else there'll be even more subsidies and grants from 12th and Oak.
The new owners can even lie and say the building's on THE streetcar line!

Anonymous said...

10:33 it’s a joke dimwit, try to keep up.

Besides, nobody outside the downtown loop gives a shit about some piece of crap plastic and glass ugly ass building or any building downtown.

Anonymous said...

Ah yah it's like.. it's like an extended childhood for all, lived out in a universal safe space, where all goods and services come magically free from a kindly parent-like government, and the sunny days are spent training unicorns to find rainbows.

Anonymous said...

Always sad to see a once proud and legitimate newspaper flop around like a retarded fish grasping for its last breath

Anonymous said...

Poor Wm Rockhill Nelson. He worked his ass off and built up a world class newspaper, amassed enough wealth to set up a foundation with enough wealth to build a glorious museum with free admission and fill it with beautiful art from around the world.

And look at it today ... Star used to own seven buildings downtown. Now it leases one. Used to be able to read the Sunday edition all day now it would blow out of your hand.

I don't celebrate the fall of the Star but they did dig their own grave with unconcealed malice against republicans plus a strange addiction to every GLBTQ++ fad there is.


Anonymous said...

Rockhill Nelson built the Nelson so this town would have some culture.

Corporate Beer Pong, Miniature Golf, and Badminton Yoga was not part of the vision he had for the Museum.