Thursday, May 02, 2019


And here's a TBT look at why we never really liked all of the newbie fans during the World Series run . . . TKC knew, just like a rising star hottie, they would never stick around when the team really needed support.

Now that the team is struggling the rappers, housewives, faraway attention-seekers and the occasional fun-loving international fan are nowhere to be found. Yet this is still every bit as much of a Kansas City team as ever. More so. Special thanks for this KICK-ASS READER SUGGESTED LINK and a reason to break out Royal cap.

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The Royals' stadium was shockingly empty for a game against the Rays

The Kansas City Royals have the second-worst record in baseball. They haven't been competitive in two years. And despite having baseball's best record, the Tampa Bay Rays aren't a draw on the road either. But man, there are Little League games that draw better crowds than what we saw on Wednesday at Kauffman Stadium.


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Americans like winners not losers
The best example of a society that thrives on competition is how few people will spend money to watch a team lose a game

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Trying to sell tickets and concessions like it’s a championship team. Cmon man.

Anonymous said...

When you cancel a game hours before it’s supposed to start and then hours later decide you’re gonna do a double header the next day (Wednesday game) people just can’t drop everything to go, I don’t think I’ve ever heard them reschedule a game the next day with less than 12 hrs notice before. Stupid and near impossible for fans that work. That’s probably the biggest reason for no shows, I hope people get a refund.

Anonymous said...

Is parking free yet ?

Anonymous said...

It's not so much the price of the tickets that drive people away, it's the parking and concessions. Plus playing Owings and Duda all the time....

Common Sense said...

Baseball was at on time the number one entertainment for families.

Then along came owners and players who thought they were Gods of some sort and entitled to insane amounts of money to be heap upon them to watch grown men playing with a ball.

Greed destroyed baseball and a family tradition.

stop light said...

Fair weather fans riding the fair weather toy train. Toot toot.

Anonymous said...

In the Royals defense MLB put the screws to them with the make up game. The second game yesterday was supposed to be a Wednesday night game and the would have played a day/night doubleheader but because of the weather forecast they moved the night game up to 3:15. The Royals ticket office is not very happy because they have to issue make-up tickets for the rain out and because they moved last nights game up.

Anonymous said...

Smile. They won 2 against the leading pack. Do you think Alex Gordon grins when he cashes his checks?

Anonymous said...

With a BULLpen with more leaks than a sponge- the Royals have done done much better than I could have ever imagined.
Although Peralto blew another game... notice how sharp he looked. Nice clean uniform- ball cap pretty- great haircut!
While old man Ned looks for answers- the questions keep coming faster than the losses:
1. If baseball happens at Kauffman stadium and no one is there- does it really happen?
2. Why does Hosmer suck after leaving and signing a zilllion dollar embarrassment contract?
3. Do hotdog vendors get paid by the hot dog? If so- will the Royals pay for their bankruptcy?
4. Do reporters have to stay the entire 9 innings?
5. Is watching grass grow in the outfield more entertaining?
6. Can we expect players to copy congress and eat chicken to mock fans who won’t come watch?
7. Is it embarrassing to be Slugrrr ?
8. Is someone paying relievers to practice at real games for future home run derby pitchers?
9. I wouldn’t go for a free ticket- would the Royals pay fans to go?
Bonus- Are the Royals trying to Cooyright radio broadcasts as a cure for insomnia?

Anonymous said...

The first sentence tells you all you need to know.

On the bright side, get out there and get some cheap ass Diamond Club seats!