Saturday, May 11, 2019

Desperately Seeking Conclusion For Nearly Endless Kansas School Funding Slap Fight

Check this worthwhile think piece on the constant fight over resources and taxes in the Sunflower State:

Can We End School Litigation Now? That and More Questions from the Kansas Supreme Court

Justices are indicating that they want to find a way to end the Gannon v. Kansas lawsuit and remove the high court from annual school funding debates. Four school districts originally sued the state in 2010, and the case has dragged on since.


Anonymous said...


Byron Funkhouser said...

Public education is supposed to be equal, but when you insist that each county be solely responsible for funding, then it's not equal.

The money needs to be pulled together, & then equally distributed.

Yes, that is socialism, but socialism is not a dirty word, that's just Cold War Propaganda.

(If you're going to tell me to move to Venezuela, if I like socialism so much, I suggest that I wound prefer to live in one of the Scandinavian Countries.)

Anonymous said...

The Scandinavian countries are not socialist. They are more free market economies than the US is. And they wouldn't let you live on the dole like you get to do here, so be thankful for what American taxpayers are giving you, albeit involuntarily.

NicK said...

start locking up lawmakers for not following court orders

Anonymous said...

^^^In that event the legislature will simply stop funding the court system. Let's see how long they last without security, electricity and toilet paper.