Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Community Unrest Cont'd After KCPD Shoot & Kill Domestic Drama Car Crook Suspect

Again, this story is worth watching because unrest about police action has a tendency to spiral out of control.

A new revelation in this story that provides more context of a KCPD officer-involved shooting. . .

Neighbors said the man and woman lived together, and he would take her car without permission. "There's been issues with that in the past," a neighbor said.

This contradicts earlier reports calling the man a "carjacking" suspect and we notice social justice advocates already organizing Summer "resistance" using this story as point of contention with authorities.

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Neighbors talk about deadly officer-involved shooting early Sunday in KC

Neighbors are talking about a deadly officer-involved shooting early Sunday in Kansas City.Authorities said Terrance Bridges, 30, was shot during a struggle with a police officer who tried to arrest him.Police said officers were called at 12:30 p.m. to the 7000 block of Bellefontaine Avenue on a reported domestic violence disturbance involving a handgun.


chuck said...

So..., I bet the family is saying that he had his hands up and said "Don't Shoot".

It's come to the point where facts have NO affect on the response. Just like with the "Gentle Giant" a narrative is formed that has NOTHING to do with objective reality and White Progressives who need the Black Vote, along with rapacious family members in search of a payoff, in conjunction with Black political leaders and the fawning, corrupt media light the fires of hatred of "Whitey" and the police.

It works every time. The main catalyst for this epic, ongoing, tragic farce, is THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA, WHICH IS THE ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^Get a grip, Chuck.

Donald Trump, & you, are the enemy of the American People.
You can't hate an entire race of Americans, & claim to be a Patriot.

Michael Brown was just one of many.

The new hotness is to shoot them in the back in self-defense.

When white boys commit mass murder, they are arrested.

Anonymous said...

He was in a fight with the officer its his fault don't fight the officer geez.

Anonymous said...

Hey losers..let's let the facts come in before we get our panties in a bunch...OK chuck? You're doing exactly what you accuse the black community of doing. Trying to form a narrative so you can vomit your bile again. Grow up chuck. You were not there, you have no fucking idea what happened. Neither do his parents. Let the police work. You will have many more chances to be the worthless piece of shit you are, so wait until then. Moron.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't his family find a photo where he wasn't "throwing sign"?

Anonymous said...

Byron you fucking jackass Michael Brown got what he had coming to him and so did this clown I bet. It makes me want to puke when white trash like you wants to defend criminals based solely on the color of their skin.

You know what Byron not a single person has been shot in the area I live in for decades if not for over a century. Guess what does not live in my neighborhoods but a lot of the people who do carry firearms due to work related or having to work in downtown area. This guy was a punk who left Chicago I bet due to things getting to hpt there for him and came to KC and continued to act like the asshole he no doubt was. You BLM assholes only scream out when a cop or white man shoots a black man but when black on black is doing the shooting you all hide like the real pussies you are.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Or the black on white murders

Anonymous said...

Hey bLIEron, here’s some facts for you from right here in killa shitty that you typically ignore. Deal with it retard.

Black- Lorenzo J. Gilyard murdered 12 women

Black- Terry Blair murdered 9 women

Black- Fredrick Scott racist hate murderer kills 6 white people

Black- Ray Shawn Jackson murdered 6 women, known as the “Gillham Park Strangler”

White- Robert Andrew Berdella Jr murdered 6 men, known as “The Kansas City Butcher”

Black- Brandon Howell racist hate murderer kills 5 white people

Anonymous said...

^^So? Big deal. Where's your Bob Bordella, Dennis Rader, Nick Civella, et al posts? Oh that's right, they were white.

Anonymous said...

2:51 bob Berdella is up there dumbass, Rader is from Kansas, who cares about what the mafia did, unless of course you want to throw in the black mafia who killed Leon Jordan of all people. We’re talking about killa shitty here dumbass, stay focused and on topic dipshit.

Anonymous said...

2:51 The point of which you refuse to accept is that for the last twenty years or so the murderous blacks have killed more people, skyrocketed actually, and white murders have gone down drastically in killa shitty, is that clear enough for you dummy?

Anonymous said...

Looks like 2:51 got his arse handed to him! Lol!

Anonymous said...

A thug, punk and a bully. Got what he deserved.

Kohl said...

KCPD absolutely needs body cameras. This is for protection of civilians and officers. Body cameras are fallible, but are absolutely worth the investment.

Indep Res said...

Don't forget about:
Black- Richard Grissom who killed at least four white women. Joan Butler, Christine Rusch and Theresa Brown's bodies still haven't been found.

When EF Hutton, er, uh, BF-hoosier talks, NOBODY listens! said...

You broadbrush whiteys so frequently here, racist Funkhoosier. You would believe only an ALL black jury for that white woman plaintiff's lawsuit for employment discrimination. Only white Europeans are accused of being invaders of North America and are ordered out of America by you.