Thursday, May 02, 2019

Community Hates Clean Missouri?!?!?

This one is important if only because it represents a typical progressive recipe for Democratic Party FAIL. Reformers forget that their efforts often work against the urban core and their own base of support. Here's a good look at the ongoing dilemma and the effort to salvage a voter initiative that's going nowhere:

Clean Missouri Debate Zeros In On Impact On Minority Representation

As the GOP-controlled Legislature seeks to undo a new state legislative redistricting system, some are pointing to the plan's potential negative impact on majority-black House and Senate districts. While those arguments aren't prompting African American Democrats to vote to get rid of what's known as Clean Missouri, that doesn't mean black political leaders are universally embracing the new system.


Anonymous said...

identity politics should be punishable by death

Anonymous said...

^^^^ You're in trouble then.

Anonymous said...

So the African American Community is so filled with self-hatred that they are sure that there can never be a Candidate from their people who "others" will vote for? In other words, there will never be an American President of African-American descent?

And conversely, they are so filled with racism that they are certain that there can never be a politician from another group (Latino, White Asian etc.) who could represent them or have any concern or regard toward them (JFK, LBJ, the three of four White men who died in the Civil War aside, of course), correct?

So the only answer is to "stack the deck" to assure them a Separate, But Equal guarantee of Political Offices, again. correct?

Anonymous said...

Clean Missouri had some stupid policy in it. A nice sentiment but if you get into the substance it was pretty damn stupid. E.g. redistricting after the census ... the auditor appoints a demographer to draw lines with "partisan fairness" as determining factor. WTF?!?! What about cities counties wards townships etc? No ignore those lines. Partisan fairness.

But how to draw a district in one party areas??? How do you find republicans in St louis city? Or Democrats in Texas county???

NicK said...

uncle toms