Thursday, May 02, 2019


A fantastic achievement in order to move local low-lifes from one corner of this the metro to the next. Despite the hype from politically connected players pushing this "news" it's worth warning locals that most pedestrian crossings around this part of town are simply paths for sketchy homeless drug addicts en route to their next fix. Shame on "activists" who are really nothing more than developers in disguise who would push mostly defenseless pedestrians & cyclists along this treacherous path. File this one for future crime and then check the presser:

Missouri, Kansas coming together with pedestrian bridge

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The region's first pedestrian bridge connecting Missouri to Kansas could become a reality. The Kaw River Railroad Bridge has been out of service for decades but the developers Flying Truss LLC are hoping to bring new life into the bridge with the Rock Island Bridge Project.


Mark Fucknuts-houser said...

Maybe one day with our brilliant city leadership KC can one day look like LA with tents camped outside power and light, tents camped on the side of the highways etc. I really have no sympathy for the card board sign holders on almost every KCMO corner, its not that I dont care about the unfortunate situations that would drive a human being to park on the corner begging for money. My issue is, panhandling according to KCMO statutes is ILLEAGLE yet no cop in this shit town except for a few enforce that ordinance. I will know that the tax payers who pay the people to enforce the laws in this city are doing their job, is when I no longer have to feel bad because I didnt give a addict a dollar at every stop light I stop at in this city. If its a ordanance, ENFORCE it!!! or why was it a ordanance in the first place. The pulse on this city will be for me if the local government is doing their job - we wont see people on the corner begging for money, in fact everytime you see a panhandler with a cardboard sign on a corner you roll up to, give them a buck if you have a spare one, but let it be a symbol on how the city government isnt doing their fucking job and how politics in this shit town actually work!!

Anonymous said...

Fake news?...there's a pedestrian/cycling span under the intercity viaduct. At least there was about 4 years ago....i rode it Has it been closed during the re-decking above?

Anonymous said...

This will not be a "Walking Bridge", it is for Bicycles!
Sure, you can set foot on it if you dare, but keep in mind that the "Two-wheeled Gods" have primacy.

Just as with every other "Bike/Walk" venue in town, you pedestrians are required to get out of the way of your "betters", and have no right to slow them down or impede them in any way as they indulge in their self-worship and fully enjoy the use of their very expensive children's toys.

Walkers, amblers, ramblers and strollers, you and your offspring HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Anonymous said...

And where, exactly, is "Flying Truss LLC" getting its "funding"?
Your second guess doesn't count.

Smiling Jack said...

Can we be honest and name the next $800 Million dollar round of graft "WENTBonds"?

Anonymous said...

Pedestrian bridge is a great idea. Bicyclists should be allowed to walk their bikes across it and ticketed if caught riding among the pedestrians.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Or perhaps stopped by the pedestrians en masse, and their toys thrown off the Bridge?

Anonymous said...

Ok but I will note that there aren't too many ways to cross the kaw on a bike or on foot. Woodswether bridge. James Street is semi suicidal. Central viaduct is definitely suicidal. And the other bridges (mill, 12th St on kck grid) are crossing it to the South bc of the bend of the kaw i.e. not crossing it into Mo but toward south towards argentine & aemourdale areas ... Thanks,