Friday, May 17, 2019

Clay County Crisis Continues

More reporting on a slap fight that's spiraling out of control. And while this blog community favors grassroots activists, it's worth noting that ongoing drama tends to alienate most voters overall. Take a look:

Frustration grows in Clay County over cuts to clerk's office

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - During a special meeting on Wednesday evening, Clay County residents voiced frustration over cuts to the county clerk's office and how appeals to increased property tax assessments are being impacted. Last year, the budget for the clerk's office was slashed by the Clay County Commission and led to staff positions being cut.


Anonymous said...

These despicable actions were not the acts of "The Clay County Commission", they were solely the actions of two Commissioners, Luann Ridgeway and Gene Owen.

The have been the source of all the chaos occurring at the Courthouse over the past four years, with their petty acts of retribution against anyone who dared to oppose them.
They have been the ones who increased their own salaries significantly and then paid themselves "performance bonuses" atop the increased salary.
They have been the ones who spent (and are still spending)large amounts of County Taxpayer's money on outside Legal costs trying to prevent the State Auditor from performing her legal duties.
They are he ones who ordered the illegal destruction of County Records, which may still be ongoing.

How much more must the citizens of Clay County endure?
And will these two every have any shreds of respect for the public and any sense of dignity and resign?
Or must we go through the agonizing and drawn-out process of recall?

Anonymous said...

In the end, who cares?

^^must be a wannabe politician.

So the clerk didn’t follow the budget order, OMG, that’s just horrible.

Petty politics, and for you, the defenders of incompetence (DOI) - I am tired of hearing such minor issues, and when the state audit comes out, who cares? When the feds or local prosecutors jump in, then that’s when I am interested. Until DOI’s - stfu.

And quit predicting incarceration- you don’t know shiotttt.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ I know where they've stashed the cash, Bucky!
(Just saying - they'll never identify me,
but if they don't cut the crap Nicole will know too)

northlander said...

With outside lawyers getting over $90,000 that would be a start by keeping it in house .

Anonymous said...

Ridgeway is an idiot. Corruption will be her legacy.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Ridgeway's not an idiot, she's smart as hell, and that's how she gets away with this shit.

Owen's the idiot, for falling for her con game.

Anonymous said...

Owen fears Matt Flener
Ridgeway fears Megan Dillard