Wednesday, May 22, 2019


From our favorite number crunches, here's a paper that basically concludes that THE KCMO INCENTIVES STUDY WAS A SHAM intended to defend city policy, not actually help make better policy.

The Incentives Study that Wasn't

I've published a number of pieces about the 2018 Kansas City incentives study. Links to those are below. All the clues that the study would simply support existing policy were in place, but even I was surprised by the process which produced a study of incentives that was anything but.The report on our investigation into the study is linked at the bottom of this post.


Hyperblogal said...

This would be like hiring P. Lorillard to study the effects of smoking.

RunningSnail said...

KCMO paid all that money for a failed study. That is an achievement city minions should place at the top of their resume.

Anonymous said...

Dishonest studies don't come cheap.

Anonymous said...

How many layers of City Hall incompetence and cronyism are revealed by this study? It surprises and disappoints even the most cynical

Anonymous said...

Courtesy of the “spin master & master manipulator” Troy Schulte. Hopefully the next city manager will be from outside and feel compelled to disclose the massive works of the wizard from behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this link Tony. Patrick Tuohey is like a Jeremiah calling out in the wilderness about the debts and eco devo foolishness being carried on by city hall.

He's putting on a lecture next month (June 18 I think) about abuse of all these taxing jurisdiction layers in Mo and anyone interested should check it out even though obscenely early (7:30am jeez)


Anonymous said...

Just viewed your video on TIF incentives. Great job! You mentioned we are at the mercy of the developers promises. How about we track these promises when a developer gets an incentive and if they don't deliver, we take back a portion or all of the incentive. i.e. Developer promises 500 jobs, and get's a $1,000,000 incentive. Two years later they have only produced 250 jobs, they give back $500,000 of the incentive?? That seems fair.

Several years I received an incentive to build a warehouse and the rural Kanas town had me sign an agreement like I mention above. Every six months we had to submit a payroll report showing where we had added the jobs we agreed to. I believe they even audited us once or twice in the first five years. Where would Power and Light be if we had done this? They added zero jobs, only moved some around.